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tv   Today  NBC  October 2, 2012 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. again? word this morning that yet another row of seats came loose on a third american airlines flight. that plane forced to land. the company now taking at least eight planes out of service. what is going on? deadly tragedy. dramatic pictures of a boat nose up after colliding with a ferry near hong kong. at boat was packed with families headed to a fireworks show, and with the death toll at 37, this morning crew members from both ships have been arrested. and where did they go? can you spot what's missing from these photos from an ikea catalog? the answer, women. the story behind why they were erased and why ikea is
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apologizing today, tuesday, october 2nd, 2012. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> and i'm david gregory in again this morning for matt. this is scary stuff. imagine you're on a flight when you're seat suddenly comes unhinged and starts sliding around a cabin. >> that's happened three times on an american airlines flight, most recently on monday on a flight from new york to miami. while no passengers were injured, the crew was forced to land to deal with that situation. coming up, the defect that could be causing the problem and what's being done to correct it. lots of politics to talk about it on the eve of the first presidential debate.
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president obama and governor romney will spend the day preparing for the showdown what. message do they need to send to the undecided voters? none other than bill o'reilly is here to join us and to talk about his new book. >> looking forward to that. what caused a nasty gharib on this killer whale at seaworld san diego? was it an accident or attack by other whales? a live report on that. and your next oscar host, seth macfarlane. >> yes. >> his fans, and al roker are praising the pick, but some are wondering why the academy selected the creator of "family guy" who has been in only one film. we'll get into that debate. and later we'll talk about it with today's professionals. >> do we sense what you feel about that pick? >> i'm still absorbing it. going to sit with it for a while. >> not emotionally prepared to talk about it. >> not yet. >> before we get to that lets check in with the day's top stories with natalie morales over at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone.
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we begin with trouble in the skies for american airlines as at least two separate 757 jets had to be diverted after several rows of seats came loose mid-flight, and six more planes are being inspected for the same problem. nbc's tom costello is on the ramp at miami international airport. tom, good morning. >> reporter: hi, natalie, good morning to you. the faa and the airline are both investigating this. we have two separate planes, and we're now hearing of yet another incident last week from a vale to dallas flight. however, the situation, exact same plane involved in a flight from boston to miami. the seats coming loose. mechanics thinking they fixed it, it shows up again, and as you can imagine this is all very bad timing for american airlines. it was a bumpier than normal ride for passengers on two separate american airlines flights. >> roger. got an unusual one for you. >> reporter: boston to miami flight had to detour to new york after several rows of seats came loose mid-flight. the pilot radioed air traffic
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control. >> roger. the reason, we don't know what kind of turbulence we have. the seat is loose, and we don't want that flying around and hurting the passengers behind them. >> reporter: then monday a new york to miami flight experienced something very similar, causing some passengers to miss their connections. >> it bothered us because now we wait for two days on our honeymoon. that's money. that's money. now we have to pay for food. we have to pay for everything else. >> reporter: both planes were 757s. mechanics had recently adjusted the seat placement. the airline says the track the seats fit into may be defective, and the airline says it's proactively inspecting six more 757s. no one was injured, but all of this, as american airlines struggles with a huge public relations problem. american's on-time arrival numbers plunged from 82% in september of 2011 to just 58% this september. compared to 86% at southwest and 88% at delta. american blames the slowdown on
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union pilots writing up trivial maintenance issues. the pilots blame the airlines' old planes, but travel experts warn the flying public is getting fed up. now, american airlines will not say whether it's pre-holiday bookings are down because of all of this, but the fol at say if this continues much longer you could see holiday bookings affected. one last note, natalie. there's no indication that anybody was injured or ever in any danger on these two flights. back to you. >> all right. good to know. tom costello there in miami this morning. thanks, tom. six crew members have been arrested after a boat and a ferry collided in hong kong killing at least 37 people as they headed to a holiday fireworks display. it's hong kong's worst accident in more than a decade. the ferry did not sink, and it finished its journey after the collision. more than 100 people were rescued from the sinking boat and search and rescue efforts are still under way. crews are working to repair damaged railroad tracks in california's central valley
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where at least 20 passengers were injured after a tractor trailer hit an amtrak train. two passenger cars and a locomotive were slammed off the tracks. investigators are working to determine if the crash was caused by driver error. let's head to wall street and cnbc's mandy drury is at the new york stock exchange. mandy, what's this about american express paying back some of its customers. >> reporter: absolutely, natalie. listen up, if you have an american express card because amex will refund $85 million to 250,000 customers for allegedly deceiving and overcharging those card users. elsewhere, wall street yesterday kicked off the new quarter with a modest rally. we'll see if it can do the same again. and if you own apple stock, well, guess what october is the best month for that stock based on the past 20 years. back to you. >> all right. mandy drury at the new york stock exchange, thanks. and what happened to the women? ikea is apologizing after its catalog in saudi arabia edited its female models out of the picture n.muslim, saudi arabia
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women must cover their bodies and hair and must have a man's permission to study or travel. ikea said the edits do not align wits company values. it is now 7:07. back to savannah, david and al. they learned the hard way. can't take the women out. >> thanks so much. mr. roker, what can we expect with the weather? >> looking at wet wea expect with the weather? >> wet in florida and making its way to the north. we have strong storms to mansfield, ohio. tornadoes, wind gusts and heavy rain. it's from florida up to the northeast. it's going to continue today. rainfall amounts, going to be anywhere from one to two inches of rain. airport delays, philadelphia, washington, d.c., charlesston and airport delays as we get into the day. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm tom
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kierein. radar is showing a pocket of rain passing through the region now. the orange you see in prince william county is a moderate to heavy downpour heading to fairfax county in 20 minutes. elsewhere, throughout the day, occasional passing showers, maybe an afternoon or evening and that's your latest weather. savannah. >> al, thanks. now to tomorrow's highly anticipated debate between president obama and mitt romney. today both candidates are hunkering down for what could be a pivotal night in this race. chuck todd is nbc's political director and chief white house correspondent in denver tonight in place where the debate will take place tomorrow night. chuck, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. these candidates have each done four mock debates, mitt romney and president obama. they will each do one more today. it's more preparation than any two candidates have ever put in to general election presidential
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debates in the modern era of presidential politics. >> because i get the opportunity to introduce to you the next president of the united states, governor mitt romney. >> reporter: mitt romney landed in colorado monday night scoring the endorsement of denver broncos football legend john elway. >> what an honor, what a welcome and colorado welcome. thank you so much >> reporter: governor's first and only event ahead of tomorrow's big presidential debate was at a packed air and space museum in denver. >> people want to know who is going to win? who is going to score the punches? you know, in my view it's not so much winning andalusian or even the people themselves, the president and myself. it's about something bigger than that. >> reporter: still playing off the enthusiastic crowd, romney appeared to test out a few new zingers including this one on the keystone oil pipeline halted by the obama administration. >> by the way, i'm going to get that pipeline from canada if i have to build it myself. >> reporter: romney's running
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mate paul ryan was greeted by his family in iowa before kicking off a bus tour in dubuque where he emphasized the importance of the upcoming debates. >> we are entering the debate phase, the choice phase of this campaign, and this choice is ever so clear. >> reporter: president obama is hunkering down in nevada preparing for his one-on-one confrontation with romney, keeping a much more low key pre-debate schedule in a las vegas suburb. the president did make a brief appearance at a local campaign office where he delivered pizzas and called and thanked volunteers. >> the work that you're doing is making all the difference. >> reporter: and he joked about how he's preparing for the debate. >> basically they are keeping me indoors all the time. it's a drag. they are making me do my homework. >> reporter: while romney aides continue to play down expectations for the debate, new jersey governor chris christie continued to ramp them up on monday. >> it's a huge night. had a bad couple of weeks, and we want to turn this around, and if you want to turn it around, you've got to perform on the
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biggest stage. >> reporter: speaking of turning around, a slew of national polls have come out in the last couple of days all showing the same thing. mitt romney inching back up, only a few points behind, down anywhere from two to four points. what's interesting here about the numbers, savannah is, president obama's numbers sort of locked in place at 49. the fluidity is in mitt romney's number. >> chuck todd in denver this mornings thank you. bill o'reilly is the host of "the o'riley factor" and author of the new book "killing camelot," in stores today. >> nice to see you. >> i've heard you say on your show polls don't really matter until after the debates which i take it to mean you do think these debates are incredibly important. >> from the very beginning i've said that because people don't really know who mitt romney is. the pressure is on the governor. he has to come across os a regular guy which i'm not sure he can do. has to kind of drop the facade
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of being a politician, all right? the president really basically just has to maintain his cool demeanor. they are both not going to say anything startling. you've heard it all before, if you pay attention, but it's the way that romney presents himself. it's like ronald reagan against jimmy carter. reagan was behind when he started to debate carter, but he made carter almost look small. reagan was larger than life. he came across as authoritative, yet accessible, and if i were rom anything, i'd be watching those reagan tapes every hour on the hour. >> the word on the street is that he has been doing a ton of preparation, of course, but also looking for zingers, one-liners to nail the president with. do you think that's a good idea? >> you know, look, i'm doing a debate with jon stewart on saturday in washington, and i'm sure stewart is going to have zingers all over the place, but if you come in with zingers, you sound stilted, all right. they have to just owe car to you, so if stewart says something dumb which is almost a given, i'm going to pop him, all
7:13 am
right. but i don't know how, and so romney's got to have enough confidence in his intellectual acumen to get in there, but if he comes in with all this rehearsed stuff, he's just going to come across as a samb by. >> how do you feel about what the polls say right now? do you think romney is truly behind, or is that closer race than some would have us believe? >> i think romney is running a little bit behind but if he does well on wednesday night he's going to close the gap. look, romney has to look ahead. people know how they feel now. he can't say the president did this, that or the other thing. he has to say this is what i can do for you and make your life better. if he can do that, all right, and put the president on the defensive a few times, he'll gain. >> last thing on this, what do you think of the expectations game going on where each candidate is trying to outdo each other by complimenting each other's debating prowess? is this absurd or does it matter? >> like a football game, those
7:14 am
people, play it down, tamp it down. it's all a game. you know that. >> let's talk about the book, "killing kennedy," a natural follow to "killing lincoln," and how did you feel about president kennedy and did that change over the course of the book? >> i was at chaminade high school over in long island and people don't know who john kennedy was. that's number one. after reading "killing kennedy," you'll know who the man is, both good and bad. we don't hold anything back. you'll know everything about him. and number two, they don't really know how he was killed, and we got access to the fbi agent who was assigned to lorna oswald. we know everything he did from the time he met marina in russia until the time he pulled the trigger. this is all new information. i think people will be stunned when they read it. it snaps your head back. >> you don't get into some of the conspiracy theories. is that because you don't think
7:15 am
they are true and don't think evidence supports them or that's a whole other book and you weren't trying to write the book? >> the evidence supports themselves, savannah. my books are fact-based. we don't go off into that could have, might have happened. everything you read happened, and we got it from the fbi reports. we got it from people who were on the scene. no secondary stuff. oh, i saw that guy over there. none of that. and we tell the reader, when we don't know something, because there's one thing, this shadowy guy was around oswald who should not have been, i can't nail that down, but i tell the reader that. there's no doubt that oswald did kill ken >> i as you mentioned, you don't shy away from the fact that president kennedy had many infidelities. what did you come away believing about him? what was it in his character that made him do that? >> powerful men do that. you saw arnold schwarzenegger doing that, and he's crazy, by the way, for even doing that, powerful men pretty much do what they want, and that's -- john
7:16 am
kennedy was very, very powerful, and he wanted to do these things, and he did. now, we write about them in the context of how they influenced how he ran the country. because they did. there was so much of it, but then there was a turning point. the death of his baby patrick, and i write about that extensively, and that turned kennedy and changed him. >> real quick before i let you go. that epic debate, the one with you and jon stewart. >> yes. >> what are you doing to prepare? >> taking a nap. it's going to be a lot of fun but i want people to know it's for charity. if you go to the you can see it, five bucks there. he. is he is terrified, by the way, stewart is. look. you can see it. and we're doing this. stewart is a good man. we'll raise a lot of money for charity and we hope everybody checks it out. >> bill o'reilly, thanks you so much. >> nice to see you, savannah. >> the book "killing kennedy." watch the first presidential debate tomorrow night 9:00 eastern, 6:00 p.m. pacific. 16 minutes after the hour now,
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and here's david. savannah, thanks. now on the trail and the high profile and expensive senate ration in massachusetts. i moderated a pretty tough debate between the candidates last night, and nbc's capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell was there as well. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, david. it was must see here in massachusetts. this is the most expensive senate race. $53 million being spent by just the candidates who agreed to have no outside groups involved. now, there were thousand inside the arena, and many more outside here outside. the clash was loud. >> go, scott brown. >> reporter: and sometimes angry outside. >> you're delusional! >> reporter: inside the arena a tense duel between republican senator scott brown and harvard professor democrat elizabeth warren. >> excuse me, i'm not a student in your classroom, please let me respond, okay? thank you. >> reporter: led by moderator of
7:18 am
"meet the press" david gregory who took on the candidates' nasty running battle and campaign ad war. >> professor warren got caught in a lie. >> reporter: whether warren used her native american heritage to gain any employment advantage with law school. >> do you consider yourself a minority? >> i listed myself as native american. i was listed there. it's part of who i am. >> reporter: brown argues that warren has not told voters why she switched between calling herself native american on applications. >> she changed her nationality to native american. >> reporter: and later referred to herself as white. >> at the pinnacle of her success when she became tenured at harvard she changed back to being white. >> are you hiding something? >> no, i'm not. i never used it for college, for law school or to get a job. >> reporter: to appeal to democrats who far outnumber republicans here, brown calls himself an independent thinker who works with president obama. >> of course i'm going to be proud to stand with the president. he is our president, and when he does something well, i praise
7:19 am
him. >> reporter: but warren hit brown for raising money by tying his re-election to republicans gaining control of the senate. >> when senator brown talks here in massachusetts about how very bipartisan he is and how very independent he is, he's sure not saying the same thing when he goes around the country raising money. >> reporter: both candidates made awkward stumbles. warren was asked to name a republican senator she could work with. >> probably richard lugar would be one to come to mind. >> reporter: indiana's dick lugar is actually retiring. >> that is a problem. >> reporter: and brown, who is a lawyer, appeared unprepared for this. >> who is your model supreme court justice? >> after touting bipartisanship brown first named an ultra conservative. >> let me see here. that's a great question. i think justice cascalia is a vy good judge, justice kennedy. >> reporter: and for warren it's a challenge because massachusetts has never elected a woman to the senate or as governor.
7:20 am
for brown, with his big election year turnout in a presidential year, it may be tougher for him as a republican. david? >> kelly o'donnell at umass lowell. thanks very much. 7:19. once again, here's savannah. >> next year's academy awards could have a much different feel. seth macfarlane will host the ceremony. wondering why the guy picked a guy best known for his work on animated shows like "family guy" you're not alone. "e news" correspondent jason kennedy has more live from hollywood. jason, good morning. >> reporter: i'm outside the dolby theater in hollywood where seth macfarlane will host the oscars in february. this announcement came as a big surprise, since seth macfarlane has only made one movie, the hit film "ted." take a look. seth macfarlane's appearance as guest hose on the season premiere of "saturday night live" according to hollywood insiders may very well have cemented his choice as host of the 85th academy awards show.
7:21 am
>> look, will you guys please stop fighting. oh, butt out. this is a private conversation. hey, can anybody get in on this? >> reporter: for the uninitiated that's macfarlane doing a rapid fire riff of cartoon voices from his irreverent tv hit "family guy" now in its 11th season. macfarlane is the creator, writer and producer of "family guy" and its successful spinoffs "the cleveland show" and "american dad." they are popular and controversial marked by violence, taboo subjects and taking aim at celebrities. >> a red guy, a boob and daniel day-lewis. and the oscar goes to a red guy. >> he's hugely popular among 18 to 24-year-old boys. they love him. the academy is constantly on a quest to get their audience, get it to reach a lower demographic, a younger demographic, and maybe this,will do it. we'll have to see. >> reporter: in making its choice the academy was quick to
7:22 am
point out macfarlane's first movie, the summer hit movie "ted" about a teddy bear made a whopping $430 million. >> the name is sauvignon blanc. >> he does have reverance for the oscars and there's a fine line of pushing the envelope and not going too far in terms of offending anybody. ♪ i'm singing in the rain >> reporter: macfarlane is also a crooner of old american standards performing here in london and his skills as a host has already been tested. at last week's emmyys he was quick on his feet after missing his mark. >> oh, the mike's over there. this is what happens when you don't come to rehearsal. that's going to be on youtube. >> reporter: and i can confirm that was indeed on youtube.
7:23 am
he told us in a statement, quote, i hope they find out i didn't host the charlie sheen roast. a good canned sglat jason kennedy in hollywood this morning, thank i. just ahead, a killer whale suffers a serious gash at
7:24 am
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just ahead, some of savannah's silly tips for eating bananas. >> after your local news. a lot of hershey's happiness in little drops of milk chocolate. and cookies n creme. pure hershey's.
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good morning, 7:26 on this tuesday, october 2nd. i'm aaron gilchrist. in the news, nats fans, the weight is over. they are your national league east champions this morning. they lost to the phillies, but the braves also lost giving them the crown. they learned of the braves lost in the ninth inning, but had to wait until after the game to celebrate. tom kierein has the forecast. >> good morning. grab an umbrella. we have showers moving across the region. getting moderate to heavy downpours along 95 in southern
7:27 am
fairfax county and on the prince william line. later today, showers with thunder and lightning, warm and humid and drying out after that. >> thank you. the
7:28 am
good morning. taking a trip eastbound 66 still
7:29 am
seeing an accident involving a tractor trailer blocking the left shoulder lane at nutley. aaron? >> thank you.
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♪ ♪ i tried playing it cool >> 7:30 now on this tuesday morning. it's the 2nd of october, 2012. and are you seeing what starts and becomes a huge production as dozens of people come together for one epic wedding proposal. we'll show it to you. i don't know how you proposed to your wife, david, but in this day and age you've got to put on a show. >> if it doesn't happen on youtube it doesn't. >> like a tree falling in forest. >> exactly. >> i'm savannah guthrie alongside david gregory in for paite. >> also ahead on a much
7:31 am
different note, the search for a 73-year-old man wanted for murder. police believe he's hiding out in a popular state park here in new york and are warning visitors to be on alert. we're going to get details in a live report. then today's professionals are in the house. well, two out of three anyway. star and donny will be joined by a special guest, and they will weigh in on some pretty hot topics. arnold schwarzenegger's pr campaign. >> i think donny is going to talk to the invisible chair. haven't i see this before? >> exactly. did that go well? i don't know. that in a few minutes. >> a different story that we'll begin this half hour with a killer whale injured during a performance at seaworld san diego. now a group of animal rights activists are demanding to know what happened. >> reporter: david, good morning. killer whales have also been a major attraction here, but now it's an injury to one of those whales that has peta filing a federal complaint with the usda. the pictures are hard to look
7:32 am
at, according to peta. these photos were taken by a tourist on september 27th and show a deep penetrating gash on an 11-year-old orca whale at seaworld san diego. citing other pictures taken by a scientist this weekend peta claims the whale was hurt after an altercation with other whales and has filed a complaint with federal regulators against seaworld for housing orcas together that are incompatible. >> in the wild, orcas choose theropod members. they swim with their family n.captivity they are kept in such tight confinement they are forced to be with other animals they don't get along, so we understand from former trainer and whistle-blowers that acts of aggression are common. >> reporter: despite the large gash, seaworld says that the whale was treated right away by a park veterinarian after the incident on september 20th and is recovering with new tissue growing in. the park declined our requests for an interview but did release
7:33 am
video of the whale swimming and eating at shamu stadium on monday. in a statement seaworld suggests the incident did not involve an altercation with other whales saying, quote, it is believed nakai's injury occurred when he came into contact with a portion of the pool environment. immediately prior to nakai sustaining the injury, he and two other whales were engaged in normal social behavior. the theme park's orca program has come under fire before. in 2010 a trainer was killed by nakai's father tilikum at seaworld, orlando offer the orca dragged her by her hair into the matter by her pony tail in front of spectators. federal regulators have band seaworld trainers from entering the water and seaworld says it has improved safety procedures. >> they swim in endless circles in chemically treated water for
7:34 am
dead fish all for the entertainment of tourists and it's cruelty. >> reporter: seaworld says it treats the whales with utmost care and in its statement adds there is no organization in the world more committed to the physical, social and mental welfare of its animals than seaworld. despite that statement released by seaworld, peta says they will be here to protest at the park tomorrow. david? >> all right. miguel almaguer, thank you very much. now a check of the weather from al. >> all right. thank you so much, david. thank you. we've got a warm day to talk about out west. i mean, warmer than usual, even though we're in okay. going to feel a lot more like august. we've got a bigst. we have a big area of high pressure plus a low pressure system over southern california. those combine to make for dry, windy and very dangerous weather as far as fire weather warning and red flag warnings. fire weather watches from minnesota all the way to the pacific northwest. above normal temperatures for
7:35 am
the month of october. below normal for the great lakes and the gulf coast and the southeast. as far as precipitation is concerned, a wet october along the eastern sea board, dry out west. not good news for the wildfire danger out there. that's what's going on around the country. >> good morning, i'm tom kierein with storm team 4 radar showing moderate rain to heavy rain passing south to north across northern virginia. southern and west fairfax county getting heavy downpours in the yellows and oranges as well as farther south in culpeper, they are advancing north into the metro area and passing into washington. maybe more off and on through the and got some friends here from wlbt. you're the morning -- one of the morning folks. >> on the morning reporter. i'm visiting my friend allison. we're from chicago. she's on broadway. >> all right.
7:36 am
congratulations. savannah. >> all right. al, thank you. now to a week long manhunt in upstate new york for a man suspected of killing his own daughter-in-law. police believe he fled to a nearby state park and is now in hiding. mara schiavocampo joins us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: search teams have been looking for 73-year-old eugene palmer around the clock last week. found his truck here, but then the trail went cold. police think he's hiding in the woods, and they are worried about the public's safety. flyers bearing eugene palmer's face are posted around new york's harriman state park, a reminder for visitors to watch out for the man police say is armed and dangerous. locals, too, are staying away. >> i'm concerned, but i'm not like overly terrified, but i still don't want to be outside alone or anything. >> reporter: 73-year-old grandfather is accused of fatally shooting his daughter-in-law tammy palmer outside her home last monday. the 39-year-old mother of two.
7:37 am
>> actually the victim is my daughter. she's 30 something years old. he doesn't deserve to be dead. >> reporter: tammy palmer had taken out an order of protection against her husband john palmer, a move that angered her father-in-law. the following day police found palmer's truck nearby and bloodhounds traced his scent to a campsite before the trail went cold. >> we've not found one piece of evidence other than finding his truck last week that suggests he's still here, but we will continue to look. >> reporter: now, a massive manhunt is under way with dozen of officers, dogs, even a helicopter scouring the sprawling 46,000 acre park for any sign of the fugitive. officials have closed the campground where palm scent was found and are advising people to stay out of the interior woodlands.
7:38 am
>> hopeful to resolve this without anyone being hurt. >> reporter: a former truck driver, an avid huntsman and out doorsman, his family says he niese knows every inch of these woods. he has diabetes and recently survived a heart attack and surviving in this environment is hard and this week officials sent out cadaver dogs. >> a difficult place to survive. he's been out there seven days. if he is still here, he'd have to be very adaptable to these types of conditions in order to survive that long. now a majority of the park is still open. officials who come to the park, be careful. a look behind the scenes at one of the nation's busiest airports, right after this. i've discovered gold.
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mission accomplished. try our new freshly hand-breaded original recipe bites today. back now at 7:41 with an inside look at what it takes to run one of the nation's largest airport. a new show on the travel channel premiers tonight that could change the way you think about flying. nbc's tom costello covers aviation for us. he's at miami international with a sneak peek. hey, tom, good morning. >> reporter: hey, david, good morning to you. you know, this is perhaps the most multi-cultural bilingual airport in the country. for those of us who marvel at 249/7 choreography it takes to keep a place like this up and running miami is particularly fascinating. for several months television cameras were capturing all of it. 38 million passengers each year. 800 flights a day. 36,000 employees, and 115,000 bags each day. miami international is the
7:43 am
nation's 12th busiest airport and the gateway to latin america. the perfect intersection of planes, passengers, bags, cops and action for a 24/7 behind-the-scenes reality show. >> psa may have interrupted a potential terrorist. we have a very serious situation on our hand. >> reporter: lauren stover is director of miami airport security. what's the biggest challenge you face here every day? >> not knowing what i need to know. anything can happen at any given moment. no two days are alike, and we have to be on our game. >> reporter: for four months travel channel cameras are exclusive access to the inner workings of the airport and now mia is coming to tv, from hidden weapons. >> you will not be flying today. >> reporter: to tracking cocaine and cargo shipments from latin america. >> white bowed sneer there's white bowedner this one. there's a very good chance that the whole shipment is loaded. >> reporter: to $20,000 in cash
7:44 am
and tsa checkpoints. >> circumstances these are not permitted at the checkpoint actually. have you to check this in. >> reporter: and the strangest collection of intercepted weapons you could ever imagine. >> i mean, you've got to bring this in your carry-on, but i really kind of wonder what this person was thinking when they brought this thing through. this is a big no-no. many times people will come to the airport and forget that they had a gun. who forgets you had a gun in your baggage. we need to talk about this, seriously. i mean, yellow, what was in that person's mind when they walked through our checkpoint? maybe they were seeing their ex-mother-in-law or something. >> reporter: so far this year the tsa and airport police have intercepted 13 guns while customs officers have seized 9,000 kilos of illicit drugs each year, mostly cocaine, not to mention turning around the biggest passenger planes in the world, customs searches, fires and even a gi's impromptu wedding proposal. will you mayrry me.
7:45 am
>> yes. >> reporter: all of it good fodder for cable tv. the show starts tonight on the travel channel. it may make you wish that you worked here. or maybe not. back to you. >> some amazing stuff. tom costello, thank you very much. coming up next here, a blessing or a burden. a man who can remember every detail of every day of his life right after this. [ woman ] dear chex cereal, you've done the impossible. made gluten-free cereals in a bunch of yummy flavors.
7:46 am
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7:48 am
imagine who it would be like to remember literally every day of your life, what you wore, what you ate, the weather. only a handful of people in the world. nbc's michelle kuosinski recenty met up with them. >> reporter: you remember yore 9th birthday or the first day of sixth grade. most important dates become hazy at best for these extraordinary humans to throw some distant date at them and see them instantly recall verifiable information is jaw dropping. >> 7th of july, 2008. >> it's a monday. >> reporter: this college student didn't even realize as a child he had a change talent. >> 30-of-the-may, 2007. >> it was a wednesday. the weather was quite good that day. >> reporter: that he could
7:49 am
remember even the most forgettable of details. >> i remember my sister had a friend over, and we went for a reading. >> reporter: for every single day of his life starting from very young. >> i just -- i just remember them. >> reporter: he's the only person in england known to have this gift or burden, as the case may be. but just in the last few years several have been identified in america, starting with jill price who appeared on "today." >> i go to that day, i see it, i feel it. >> reporter: now in her 40s, all those memories bring as much irritation to her as amazement to others. >> like, i can see my memories, you know. there's so much stuff. >> reporter: and she, like arelian, is being studied by scientists. >> was a monday. >> how do you know it's a monday? >> because i just do. >> i remember that story. >> reporter: one of the best known cases actress mary lou henner whose memory stunned meredith vieira. >> remember the last time we saw each other?
7:50 am
>> i don't. >> back stage at a theater, and it was saturday, november 11th of 2006, and -- and it was -- >> really, was i sober? >> yes. >> reporter: accuracy in these cases is mind-boggling. >> march 5th was a monday. i got some spaghetti, and i got some rice and i got some vegetables, but i didn't get any gravy cheese. i don't know how i do it. it's just there. >> reporter: mary lou says she can remember as far back as her own baptism and gave one of the best descriptions of this ability. >> it really is like selected scenes on a dvd, and it lines up left to right kind of in a chronological order, and it's like the year will come in but some days will come in more vividly than others. >> reporter: aurelian can map out entire months and years. jill drew what her memory feels like. not quite how your brain works. you are right. brain scans of these super
7:51 am
humans show real differences. >> you're using a lot of visual area. >> reporter: blessing or a curse depends. >> there's not one day when i'm not thinking about something 20 years ago that means nothing today but still bothers me or upsets me. it really is as if it was yesterday. >> reporter: for young arelian it's pretty cool. >> now i know it's something special. i think i'll sort of value it. >> reporter: the brain scans show some parts of their brains are bigger, differently shaped than the rest of us but even this stunning autobuy grafr call moment does not help with their short-term memory, like where your car keys are. >> what good is that? >> i can't even remember what that piece was. >> i remember i was born, and there was some guy who smacked me. and he was wearing a mask but i don't know what he looked like but i'm going to get him. >> the piece is airing and they
7:52 am
go g who is that acstress, you know, who can remember everything? >> oh, yeah, mary lou. >> like people have photographic memory, that's pretty cool. >> unbelievable. >> i can remember a lot of photographs. >> yes. >> all right. >> let me show you this. found one woman who will never forget her wedding proposal. that's because it took a village of family and friends to do it. ♪ ♪ i don't know what it is but i need that one thing ♪ >> apparently this video proposal goes on a really long time. well, are you into it? >> new rule, if you need picture in picture, just say do you want to marry me? >> back after your local news. best-tasting chicken. s t-minus 10... that's why our whole chicken is delivered fresh. 9...8... and prepared fresh by real cooks 7... t-5. all systems go. 4... with kfc's world famous secret recipes. preparation complete... 3...
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7:56 am
7:56 is your time now on this tuesday, october 22 nds, 20126789 good morning, i'm eun yang. it is a wet morning and brake lights everywhere you go. let's check the forecast can tom kierein. good morning. >> good morning, we have a plume of rain that stretches up the atlantic sea board up to our region. right now, moderate to heavy rain. the areas in orange and red in fairfax county and southern montgomery county and continuing moving north. moderate showers south. prince william into fauquier and culpeper. maybe thunder and lightning this afternoon. we dry out after that. pleasant end to the week. >> thank
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. if you are making the commute eastbound i-66 to fairfax county, the left shoulder lane was blocking the shoulder. you are slow from fairfax county to the beltway. that drive will take 25 minutes.
8:00 am
. on top of the world ♪ ♪ i feel on top of the world 8:00 now on this tuesday morning. 2nd of october, 2012, and as we check out the view from the top of the rock, we have to say hello to all the nice folks who come down on the plaza to stay hello on a beautiful day. a warm tuesday morning. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie alongside david gregory here for matt. al roker is here as ever, guys. >> what did you just say? >> way more beautiful than i thought. >> oh, that's so nice. >> isn't that nice. >> why thank you. >> i'll pay you later. guys, there's a reason i'm holding this banana. now, we're going to do more of our simple savvy silly tips and one of them -- >> will you hold this.
8:01 am
>> certainly. >> if you peel a banana like this it can be a little messy. >> that worked out okay. >> if you do it like a monkey and do it from the top, it's better. >> human beings for thousands of years have -- >> here. >> i'm good, thank you. >> i like the monkey side of this banana. >> there we go. >> it's biodegradable. >> really deteriorated. >> wow. >> you can use that banana to help fix a scratched dvd or cd. >> what? >> yes. that's right. we're going to explain in our simple silly savvy tips. >> and you're insisting on telling americans how to eat the tacos the way you do it, instead of how they want to use their own free will. >> do it the way a monkey would do it. >> how would a monkey do it? >> the right way to eat a taco. all my life i thought i knew. >> and i'm looking forward to the tip i get to demonstrate and
8:02 am
i'm not going to talk about that because we have to be some place thursday. >> what else are we going to talk about? >> texting while parenting. we get so addicted to our phones -- i think i have a call coming in -- are we doing that during times when we should be with our kids or even watching our kids so we'll get advice about that. >> and as i continue to hold this banana. >> let me -- >> i'll hold it for you. >> okay. >> and then also, we posed the question what is liam nieson doing in this bathing suit. >> wow, that's just not right. >> natalie morales has the day's top stories. >> i will explain that in a moment. it's for a good cause. in the news this morning republican nominee mitt romney told a crowd of thousands in denver that wednesday's first debate with president obama
8:03 am
won't be about winning or losing but what he called something bigger than that. romney plans to spend today preparing for the face-off at his hotel outside denver. president obama meanwhile is doing his debate cramming in nevada where he delivered pizzas to a local campaign office monday and thanked volunteers personally. the faa is investigating why passenger seats came loose on three different american airlines flights. the latest incident happened monday aboard a new york to miami flight. on saturday a similar problem forced a boston to miami flight to make an emergency landing. american says that same plane was involved in a loose seat incident last week which they thought had been fixed. fortunately no one on the flights was hurt. both of the boeing 757s involved had recently gone through maintenance that involved moving the seats. american says there could be a problem with the way the seats fit into tracks on the floor. a new york state college freshman murdered in her dorm room tweeted the message should have known just hours before her
8:04 am
death. police say alexandra kogut was beaten saturday by her hometown boyfriend who came to visit her at the university in rochester. claiton whitmore pled not guilty though police say he pled not guilty to a crime. the pope's former butler testifies today for stealing private documents. the butler, whose duties included helping the pope get dressed, wanted to expose what he felt was corruption within the vatican. now for a look at what is trending today, our quick roundup of what has you talking online. actress drew barrymore announced she gave birth last wednesday to a baby girl named olive, the first child for the 37-year-old actress and her husband art consultant will kopelman. fans are wondering if the baby is named after the reindeer
8:05 am
character named olive. liam niesom was pretty in pink. raising money for breast cancer research. >> if i take this off, does the $10,000 become 20,000? just asking. >> i'll make that happen. if you take it off and go sit in that. >> yes. >> then we get fined if you take those off. >> the audience member who got to help ellen dunk niesom is himself a cancer survivor. and this black bear was brave enough to walk on to this back deck but not prepared for this woman's angry reaction. >> no, no.
8:06 am
down! who knew it works. this is at least the seventh time the bear was recorded lumbering outside the house. as we throw it back outside to al roker, i would say probably not recommended to try that. >> i don't think -- bad bear. bad bear. >> sit. >> bad bear. wow. don't mess with her. we have to get her out here. nice to see everybody. we've got the japadog folks here. in vancouver, one of the best hot dogs ever. >> where are you set up? >> st. mark's place. >> yes. >> and also we are doing a promotion tomorrow, only tomorrow. >> good to know. okay. thank you very much. let's check -- let's check -- bat hot dog! bad hot dog! let's see what we have. kansas city, mo. 75 degrees today. we have a lot of wet weather making its way up the east coast from the keys in miami all the
8:07 am
way into central pennsylvania. we are going to be looking at showers and thunderstorms hanging around. some of them could be severe, especially in the upper mississippi, i should say the ohio river valley. out west, we are looking nice. we have fire watches and red flag warnings out for the pacific northwest and the plains. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> moderate rain in washington. good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. 95 and northern virginia are getting pockets of moderate rain. as well as across the potomac, these are all advancing to the north. maybe a little bit of thunder and lightning this afternoon and evening. no severe weather. highs reaching upper 70s. warm and humid tomorrow. less humid thursday and friday. showers saturday evening into l weather. david? >> mr. roker, thank you very much. coming up, today's professionals featuring this morning the surprise guest william geist is
8:08 am
in the house. they are going to be taking about arnold schwarzenegger's publicity tour, seth macfarlane and so much more. "today's professionals" coming up next. [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too.
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♪ ♪ he's nutty! ♪ he's crunchy! [ male announcer ] it's crunchy nut! honey sweet flakes with nuts in every bite! ♪ he saves the day! ♪ in his tasty way! ♪ ♪ he is the crunchy nut! [ male announcer ] kellogg's crunchy nut. it's super delicious! [ ding! ] losing your chex mix too easily? time to deploy the boring-potato chip decoy bag. then no one will want to steal the deliciousness. [ male announcer ] with a variety of tastes and textures, only chex mix is a bag of interesting. . back now at 8:11 with "today's professionals q."star jones and donny deutsch are here along with willie xwigeist, the special guest star. >> i should point out i'm
8:12 am
sitting in for dr. nancy, no medical training. if there's an emergency of any kind, don't look at me. >> i've worked many times with willie on "morning joe" and sitting between him and star is too good to be true. >> and i've never had two guys at the same time so let's do this. >> more pleasantries. a great topic. total recall, did you see arnold schwarzenegger's press tour that started on "60 minutes" where he talked about the affair that ended his marriage. i'm going to start with star. let the ladies go first. do you think he showed sufficient remorse? >> no. the fact that he's not dead is already a good thing for maria because she's a better woman than i am. i don't even understand why he thought it was necessary to put his entire family's business in the street. he's actually acknowledge that had his children didn't want him to do it. obviously maria didn't want him to do it. it was unnecessary. he's a rich dude. he's the terminator. we all know that. shut up. >> that leads me to done, our branding expert. seems to me he's trying to reset
8:13 am
his career, a page-turner. did this do the trick? >> playbook 101. need to put an exclamation point on it. in theory strategically it was the right thing to do because you need the reset button. two things wrong. scandal continuum. certain things we can forgive. infidelity, something like this, screwing the maid and fathering a children cannot forgive. number two, more importantly, he didn't seem remorseful. >> not at all. >> that was the big thing once again. it's like i'm not perfect. dude, you've got to do better than that. backor it backfired. >> would you ever try that i'm not perfect routine at home? >> doesn't work. >> notice i'm still single. >> if it's so harmful and hurtful to your family which he's sait said over and over again why did you put it in a book and go on a book tour to rehash it again. on "the daily show" with jon stewart and said, yes, this has been very painful for maria, very painful for my children and yet i wrote a book to dredge it up to talk about it. don't get it. >> selfish and horrible, but the
8:14 am
reason he did it was career-wise to do a reset. >> meantime, in one interview he said he actually hoped he could reconcile with maria. >> he's living in fantasy land. makes no sense. this guy thinks he can be syrupy sweet again. trust me, because you pour syrup on something doesn't make it pancakes. can't stopped stand him. >> don't call you for a date. we'll move on to politics. first presidential debate tomorrow night. these guys have been practicing and practicing and practicing. willie, to you. do you think there's a moment where there's overpreparation where the rehearsing backfires a little bit? >> had john mccain on our show on "morning joe" and he talked about that. he said you sit there for weeks on end, rehash and remembering your lines. a point where you have to walk away and be yourself. you had david axelrod say to you the other day that the romney campaign has had more preparation for this than it took to invade normandy so, you know, everybody is setting this funny bar of the other guy's so
8:15 am
great. he's unbeatable. >> trying to set expectations low so it will be easy to see them. has this reached the point of absurdity. >> we in the media, what's going to happen in this first debate? what do people think is actually going to happen that -- we've seen thousands of hours, and we haven't seen them together, but other than one of them saying the most horrific thing, what do we think is going to happen that we haven't seen before with these guys? what are we waiting for? >> there's some hope that we will not be aiming towards immedia mediocrity and these two guys are the smartest guys we have available to fix the problems, yet they themselves trying to get to the middle. >> let's get to the last three topics, light nirng round, texting while parenting. the "wall street journal" wrote an article positing that text and being on devices it's perhaps leading to more injuries with kids. there isn't a research causal connection yet but does raise the question. you're a parent of a little one who owns a blackberry.
8:16 am
>> yes. >> is this something you think might happen? >> absolutely real. go to any playground in new york city, spend time with them with kids. parent sitting down on a bench with a blackberry. as long as you have that in your pocket it calls you. kids run away for a second, it's dangerous. >> mea culpa. the other day i was with my two little girls and she said, daddy, can you stop. forget connection, it's danger. >> my little nieces have said that to me. >> i've watched a lot of babysitters in my neighborhood. they are using it while they are supposed to be working, and their sole job is to look out for the children. you're on the playground and not paying attention to my kid, you're not doing your job. >> use this in any discussion of any human context. >> texting while trying to have a relationship. next topic, catalog cut. catalogs sent out to saudi arabia and turned out they removed women from the scene.
8:17 am
company immediately apologize. how does something like this happen? >> ikea was a client of mine for years and years. ikea's motto sin conclusiveness for all. the way it happened is in global marketing you target market by market, and you can't say they are wrong, frankly, if in that country that's the way business is done. >> why not stand by the decision? that's confusing to me. >> very surprise that had they didn't stand by it. there would never be a scene in a home in saudi arabia where a woman would be -- with her male child and her husband in the bathroom so i understand that, the woman not being in the picture. >> ikea did the wrong thing but says more about saudi arabia than it does about ikea, the fact that you couldn't tell rate seeing a woman in a furniture catalog. >> secret ballot, thumbs up or themes down on seth macfarlane. >> thumbs up. >> genius move. >> star? >> i'll be nicer to him than he has been to me. >> star, done and willie, we'll get the scoop later. coming up next, simple savvy and silly tips including a quick
8:18 am
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8:22 am
savvy and simple. >> why did you throat safe in? >> monday we showed you a better way to make a blt which i personally did. >> yeah. >> move over, bacon, because this morning we're tackling tacos. when among us has not grabbed a taco that -- you eat it. >> and the whole thing falls. >> look at this. >> this is a disaster, like an epa super fund site. >> pretty good at eating tacko, done this way. >> do it this way, make sure your mouth is full. put a lettuce life in there, and it's like an inner shell and doctor it up. >> like a vegetable liner. >> i was doubting you the whole morning, micromanaging who you people eat tacos but this is a good idea. >> i would add a margarita and gawk moly. >> if you don't have a taco, use
8:23 am
the lettuce. >> but the point, is here's the finished product. looks like this. delicious. now i'm going to take a bite and stop talking. it's wrapped and holds it intact. >> we have some to share. >> we get these hard plastic things, and you can't get through the plastic, need like wire cutters. >> and thousands of people get injured. >> dangerous. >> you have these little snack bowls, i don't really need this snack bowl, but when you have something like this, the point is you can use these -- i was going to say they are wire cutters, but can opener. >> spend a lot of time in the kitchen. >> how much coffee have you had? >> how does that work, dave. >> open it on the side. >> what if you way it and the can opener is in there. >> we get it. >> or you can use scissors you have to be careful. the point is that --
8:24 am
>> are you crying? >> why don't we return to this and let natalie -- >> you're kids love popsicles but can generally make a giant mess and leave stickiness everywhere. find one of these little cupcake holders and cut a little hole in the bottom. >> in david's defense this, isn't that easy. >> i thought it was in my mind. >> she's getting it. >> what about the popcorn? >> a good idea. >> the only problem the ice cream man has to start selling. >> keep them in your pocket. >> one more thing i have to cary in my purse. >> we've got kids who have usually a scratched dcd. >> and it pauses and. >> you can actually use a banana to help repair the cd. they say rub it two to three
8:25 am
minutes. >> okay. >> basically, and then you wipe that off. >> you wipe. it really want to -- then you take the peel and supposedly the wax in the peel. >> really. >> and then you take a little glass cleaner. >> okay. >> and then you wipe that off. >> right. >> and this is great because it works perfectly for "planet of the apes," "george of the jungle" or any "tarzan" movie. >> if that doesn't work download it on itunes. >> and rub this on your iphone. >> great idea. >> smells fantastic. >> this really does work, by the way. once you get the hang of it. >> more tips tomorrow. you can learn about them at just ahead, "consumer reports" best products of the year after your local news.
8:26 am
it's 8:26 on this tuesday, october 22nd. today marks the tenth anniversary of the beltway sniper killing spree. it happened in a parking lot in wheaton, maryland. three wounded in a three week stretch that terrified the region. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. let's get a check on the forecast with storm team 4 meteorologist, tom kierein. tom? >> grab an umbrella. passing showers throughout the day. storm team 4 radar showing these advancing south to north up the atlantic sea board. look at the areas in yellows and oranges. they are moderate pockets of heavy rain in fredericksburg to
8:27 am
maryland along 95. off and on showers during the afternoon. back to you.
8:28 am
good morning. making the trip in the district, new york avenue at capital street, crashes by the
8:29 am
underpass. very slow trip in this area. outer loop of the beltway is wet and slow in montgomery county. the travel speed about 14 miles per hour. aaron back to you. >> thank you. >> thank you. don't forget to tune the middle class, who move our country forward. work hard. raise families. and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class. raising taxes on the average family by up to $2000 dollars. while giving a tax break of $250,000 dollars to multi-millionaires. doesn't mitt romney understand, we can't rebuild tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:30 am
8:30 now on this tuesday morning. it's october 2nd, 2012. our crowd is enjoying a beautiful morning. a little b warm even for the second day of october. partly cloudy here in rockefeller plaza. hope it's sunny where you are. i'm savannah guthrie. david gregory here for matt and al roker and natalie morales. "consumer reports" the best of
8:31 am
the best. >> spent $4 million buying all the appliances, coffee machines, rate chardonnay and coffee as well. >> had me at hello. >> it will be a good time. >> also ahead, talk about gaining confidence by getting a sense of your own style. stacy london is here. out with a new book. she says it's about more than fashion. about transforming your look and also how you feel about yourself so we'll get her keys to what she calls a start-over. not a makeover but a start-over. i like that. >> and also a young girl with an angelic voice. jackie iseranko who rose to fame at the age of 10 years old on "america's got talent" is here to perform live. >> and look who is here to help us with "take 3." >> our favorite. >> our youngest "take 3" participant ever, 3 1/2-year-old
8:32 am
elmo. hi, elmo. >> hello, mr. al. hello, everybody. >> can't wait to see elmo. >> oh. >> that means you have to keep it clean today, al. >> be on our best behavior. >> young minds. 3 1/2-year-olds. >> and first a check of the weather. >> keep it clean. >> yes. of course. because, you know, i've been known to do that. let's see what we've let's see what we have as far as the weather is concerned from miss morales. we have a lot of wet weather along the east coast. strong storms in the ohio river valley. out west, temperatures milds and hot in southern california. tomorrow, hit or miss showers. look for some snow in western montana. winter weather advisories up. the heat continues in the southwest down into texas. that eegs what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> moderate to heavy rain.
8:33 am
it's moving south to north up to our, right into the district. it's coming in along 95 from stafford and prince william as well as into fauquier. raining moderately to heavy there. a pocket of moderate rain in southern montgomery and parts of northern fairfax and southern loudoun. it will be with us off and on throughout the day. warm and humid tomorrow. don't weather any time you need it. go to the weather channel on cable or online. now, let's head down to washington and say hello to big willie scott. hey. >> the old smuckers birthday is gathered once again. take a look at evangeline of trumbull, louisa may alcott, a fabulous cook. people love to come had-to-her house. happy birthday and lola and charles olive from la grange, georgia.
8:34 am
they have been married for 75 years. celebrating their anniversary. secrets to longevity is being honest with each other and loving each other very much. how about that. and the lovely mary ennis. love that name. green cove springs, florida. 103 years old today. and loves watching football. as they say in "waterboy," foot ball. nelson o'connor, greenville, south carolina, truly a great town. 100 years old today. ruth elliot of alton, missouri is 105 years old and secret to longevity is great love from all of her family. how about that. george luttermoser from brookville, maryland from right down the road. 100 years old today, loves photography and longevikey to h
8:35 am
longevity, curiosity. >> thanks, willard. coming up next, "consumer reports" rates the best products of the year. if you're in the market for a new cd, washer or perhaps chardonnay and coffee, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
back now at 8:37. on "today's consumer," ultimate cheat sheet, "consumer reports" is out with its best products of the year list from appliances to food and wine. a senior editor with "consumer reports" is here with an array of the top picks. hey, mandy, good morning. >> good morning. >> people have such interest. let's start here. >> with the small washer and dryers from lg. >> "consumer reports" spends $4 million on all these products, buying all these things. >> shipping them all. most come to our yonkers office. 500 labs there to test the items. these washers and dryers did really grooet great in our test.
8:38 am
around $1,000. very large capacity. both of them. lots of different settings on the washer, and did a super job of cleaning clothes, which is what count. the dryer in particular did a great job. most of the dryers we test in fact do. but this is super kwai >> how do you decide what to put on the list in the first place? >> use items the way consumers use them. want to test things that are important to them and really put them through their paces so we do it exponentially. >> this is the kenmore intuition upright vacuum. what does that mean? >> $250. the upright as opposed to a canister and has no bags. easy to empty, and did a great job on bare floors and carpets but super great at picking up pet hair. pet owners, take note. >> large-screen tv. >> 55-inch samsung, a great picture and great high-end features like the ability to control it with hand movements and gestures. >> oh, really. >> super. >> 3-d glasses, too. >> and 3-d glasses. >> let's move over here, talking
8:39 am
about e-readers here, so this is the ipad. >> this is the tablet. >> and some other ones. >> the ipad 3. got the best display we've seen on the tablet. really super great, surprisingly long battery life, but a little less expensive is the nexus, the nexus, the google nexus 7. also some great features, really durable screen, and surprisingly lightweight. >> and this from barnes & noble, right, the nook. >> only $100. >> and it's one of the best e-readers we've tested. really great display, really easy to use, fast page turners, if you've got a page turner. >> let's talk cameras here. advanced camera, advanced nikon. >> slr camera. >> popular with shutterbugs as well. >> a lot of great feefs, takes really great pictures and really good video, but it's surprisingly lightweight and could be great for travel. >> this has gps and preservable. >> waterproof. real point and shoot. real easy and less expensive as
8:40 am
well. >> speaking of gps. >> for travel. >> this garmin device. >> this is one of the best gpses we tested. very easy to read and navigate with it, and it's got lifetime map updates and traffic reports. >> all right. moving on to the laptop. >> yeah. >> we know about this is the macbook pro, 15-inch, $2,200 but you also like this hp pavilion. >> less expensive and still lightweight. both of them, great displays, one of the fastest we've tested. great features on the hp pavilion as well. really durable frame. >> these are streaming players, right? >> the roku 2. plug it into your television and have instant television access so if you want to stream movies from netflix or hulu, very easy way to do it. >> you like this. >> the trader joe's olive oil. $6 a bottle. >> in our tests, one of two that
8:41 am
rated excellent for taste. >> you've also got some wines here that are inexpensive. >> the bogle is that right yeah and columbia-crest, both $10. this would be great with smoked fish, salad, vegetables. the columbia-crest would be great with braised meats or grilled meats or vegetables. >> particularly northern to me which is the coffee-maker. >> early morning. >> and this comes with the grinder included. some people like, some people don't. my experience with some that they can -- you can get a jam there in the grinding process. what do you like about this one? >> this one performed really well. brews an excellent cup of coffee. three speeds for grind, depending on what you like and five different settings for your brew strength. if you like it weak, that's fine or if you like more oomph. takes care of everybody in the house hold. >> a lot of options there. mandy, thanks so much, as
8:42 am
always. >> my pleasure. >> coming, how to develop your personal style to give yourself a shot of self-confidence? but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
back now at 8:44 with "today's style." face expert stacy london opens up about struggling to find her own confidence in her new book "the truth about style." good morning. >> love what you're wearing. >> i pass the test. >> nerve racking with you fashion experts. you say this is not just another fashion book. >> no. it's not so much a how do-to-book though there is a lot of information and tips. it's really a why we don't book t.seeks to explore some of the reasons and some of the minds et cetera that get in our way when we're trying to kind of create our best most authentic style, even though authentic is probably an overused word, and so i talk about my own struggles
8:45 am
and my own love-hate relationship with style and myself. >> you're very open in this book. >> yes. >> the first chapter is called learning how to shed my skin, and as you mentioned, you talk about your own struggles with eating disorders and having psoriasis as a young girl and what impact that had on you. >> i was diagnosed when i was 4 and when i was 11 i had a serious bout and was covered in red scales from my neck down. eating disorders kind of came later in life for me and i battled them for a short amount of time, under two years, but it was pretty significant, and i think that,000 that's what attracted me to the world of fashion, and maybe in not the healthiest way because i wanted to be beautiful and cool and in and, you know, i wanted to be cutting edge, and what i found when i got there is, you know, i didn't really fit in. i mean, i loved it, and i loved fashion, but it wasn't until i got to tlc's "what not to wear"
8:46 am
that i realized style could have a much greater impact because it really can change the way a person feels about themselves from the outside in. >> and you talk a lot about real women and probably one of the reasons you identify with some of their struggles. let's talk about some of the women you gave start-overs to. >> yes. >> not the same as a makeover. >> that's correct. i wonder if a start-over is the right term. now that i've written the book i'm having writer's remorse. i think they should be called jump starts, because what we did here is gave our models a new way to see themselves and when you can see yourself in a new way you can believe yourself in a new way. >> sarah, 26 years old, and you write in the book is her symptom blank slate clothing due to fit and self-consciousness and tunnel vision. we want to bring sarah out and tell us what you did to change her style. >> hi, sarah. >> not that i went so much about changing her style as really
8:47 am
talking to sarah about some of the things that were causing her anxiety about shopping and about getting dressed. and one of the things is, that you know, look, sarah has a trickier body. she's tall and lots of tall women have issues finding clothes that really fit them length-wise in the leg and in the arms, but it was also -- it was really about kind of reanalyzing the way that she felt about herself and the most important thing was finding a way to find joy income able to get dressed, even if it's difficult, persevering, and that's what this became about, and she's also lost 20 pounds since the photo shoot. sglur look pretty fabulous. how do you feel? >> i feel amazing. >>ou connected with sarah, could relate to her approach. >> nine women in the book, an every woman i chose i chose because i -- i felt that i really understood their struggle and that i have gone through the same thing, if i'm not still going through it, and with sarah i really felt an incredible
8:48 am
connection. i really do understand what it feels like to -- to real uncomfortable in your own skin and to be able to get past that and see, you know, yourself for the beauty that you are. >> we want to bring out our next model. this is tai. you talked about her symptom is clothing is inappropriate to age. misguided desire to be trendy, not frumpy, frustrated by lack of enthusiasm. >> ty said i love my body, i love my curves, and the bigger issue, if i had to name her chapter i would talk about trying to fit which is what i tried to do when i was at "vogue" when i was 180 pounds. ty is a fashion blogger and really understands the fashion industry, has a great eye but wasn't applying that knowledge to herself because she thought she had to look a particular way. when i think ty's a trailblazer,
8:49 am
and just because you can't see it doesn't mean you can't become it and become a role model for somebody else, and that's what we wanted to do with ty is give her the confidence to go out and be that fashion blogger and speak to the people who aren't being spoken to about fashion and -- and pave the way for others. >> real quickly, ty, what's the verdict, you like the new look? >> of course. >> you look fabulous. >> thank you. >> thank you so much, and stacy landon, some great tips and things to remember. the book is called "the truth about style." thanks. coming up next, we're going to have a live performance from 12-year-old singing sensation jackie
8:50 am
8:51 am
at just 10 years old jackie evan evancho wowed the world on "america's got talent" and now she's out with her third studio album, songs from the silver screen. hey, jackie, good morning. >> good morning. >> this is unbelievable. >> your third studio album, and you're 12 years old. >> yes. >> this has to be pretty amazing, no? >> no, it's very amazing, and i was really excited because first when i first began to sing, i loved it, so knowing that i can continue and keep making cds is just super exciting for me. >> is this -- is this something you'd love to keep doing for your life, doing what you love?
8:52 am
>> definitely. this is something that i think will be my ultimate passion forever. >> if there's one thing i could do, the ability to move people through singing, nothing better than, that right? let me ask you, the idea of touring all over the world. do you have a favorite city of where you've been so far? >> i don't -- oh, wait. actually i do. i love tokyo, japan. it's my favorite place to go, and i lost people there. they are so nice. it's great. >> a great choice. you ever wish for a more normal 12-year-old childhood than what you're embark on? >> not really. i mean, every once in a while, just because i'm at home and having so much fun, and whenever i get back on stage, all of that goes away and i just love it so much. >> even going to be in a movie, robert redford movie of all things. you like acting more than singing? >> no. i mean, singing -- i like acting, but singing is going to be my main thing for a long time. >> good for you. so the song you're going to sing for us is your favorite song off the new album, music of the
8:53 am
night. why is this your favorite? >> from my favorite move "the fan some of the opera which is also a movie that inspired me to start singing. >> love to hear you. so to the microphone. ♪ ♪
8:54 am
♪ and listen to the music of the night ♪ ♪ ♪ let your soul take you where you long to be ♪ ♪ only then can you belong to me ♪ ♪ floating, falling, sweet intoxication ♪ ♪ touch me, trust me, savor each sensation ♪ ♪ let the dream begin
8:55 am
♪ let your darker side give in to the power of the music that i write ♪ ♪ help me make the music of the night ♪ >> wow. just fantastic. jackie evancho fan tarsic. again, the album is "songs from the silver screen." quite a performance, huh? >> were you nervous? we couldn't tell. you did a beautiful job, jackie. can't wait to hear the album. >> thank you. >> continued good luck. >> back after your local news.
8:56 am
8:56 is your time on this tuesday, october 2nd, 2012. i'm eun yang. nats fans, the wait is over. they are the champions. the braves lost giving the nats the division crown. go nats. it's going to be a rainy day.
8:57 am
let's check the forecast with tom kierein. >> last night it was raining champaign, now we're raining rain. water coming from the sky pretty hard. we have moderate to heavy rain. fauquier, prince william coming into fairfax county. a wave of moderate rain in loudoun county and montgomery counties. this is off and on. >> thank
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. traveling along the pike near nicholson lane, 26 traffic lights are out in the area. use caution. approaching the dulles toll road, an overturned vehicle. back to you.
9:00 am
♪ >> back now with more of "today" on this tuesday morning. we've been listening to the beautiful sounds of jackie evancho who has a new album out. hope you check it out. >> david loves that song. >> i love that song. >> want to do what you were just doing a few minutes ago. reaching towards the sky. >> just a beautiful -- better with the music. anyway. >> he was doing basically a
9:01 am
dancing interpretation. >> it's one of those -- >> it's an ear worm, in the control room, you know what that song is? driving david crazy. >> googling it. we'll get back to you. >> thank you. >> also coming up this morning, an international icon, a total superstar. he's just 3 1/2 years old and always will be. elmo is here, and he's going to take part of our "take 3" this morning. >> oh, fantastic. coming up with the cooler weather, it's a good time to warm up your home. we have some autumn touches. lifestyle expert colin cowie with big changes. >> i love you david. you crack me up. >> that was sincere. >> i really mean it. >> remember at the end when he shows the thing. >> deborah's favorite movie. in our diet sos, joy bauer
9:02 am
will be answering your questions about blood pressure and diet. she's going to tell you which foods help lower your numbers and more importantly which foods to avoid. >> all right, cool. looking forward to all of that. let's check in with natalie morales over at the news desk. >> good morning, savannah, david and al. good morning, everyone. both candidates had hunkered down to prepare for their first debate on wednesday. president obama and republican rival mitt romney have honed their skills with more mock debates than any other candidates in recent years. romney campaigns in denver today while the president makes appearances in las vegas. meantime, the most closely watched senate race in the nation is heating up in massachusetts. republican scott brown and democratic rival elizabeth warren faced off in their first debate last night. the faa is investigating why passenger seats came loose on three different american airlines flights. the latest incident happened monday aboard a new york to miami flight. on saturday a similar problem forced a boston to miami flight to make an emergency landing and
9:03 am
american says that same plane was involved in a loose seat incident last week which they thought had been fixed. fortunately no one on the flights was hurt. both of the boeing 757s involved had recently gone through maintenance that involved moving the seats. american says there could be a problem with the way the seats fit into the tracks on the floor. a u.s. special forces soldier has died this morning in afghanistan. the service member was killed in an ied attack in the country's south. a shooting this morningouth of tucson, arizona, has left one border patrol agent dead and another wounded. the fbi is investigating. the area is known as a major drug smuggling corridor. six crew members have been arrested after a boat and a ferry collided in hong kong, killing at least 38 people as they headed to a holiday fireworks display. it's hong kong's worst accident in more than 15 years. the ferry did not sink and finished its journey after the collision. more than 100 people were rescued from the sinking boat and search and rescue efforts
9:04 am
are still under way. a recall of peanut butter is expanding to other nut products, including almond and cashew butters among others after new mexico-based sunderland, inc was linked to several cases of sergio vieira de mello. sold at trader joe's, target foods and safeway. for more information, head to our website, it's a girl for drew barrymore and her art consultant husband will kopelman. baby olive barrymore kopelman was born last wednesday is welcomed by the whole family and yahoo! ceo has a new baby to welcome. the 37-year-old says she plans to work from home very briefly before returning to yahoo headquarters within one to two weeks. play time is never boring
9:05 am
with a 450-pound bengal tiger at wildlife park in arizona. the 12-year-old cat likes to go swimming with trainer jeff harwell. jeff jumps into the water and the tiger slashes in right behind mimicking the behavior of tigers in the wild going after their prey. as long as the prey is not the trainer. five minutes after the hour. let's go back outside to al with a check of the weather. actually inside. >> it's a great trick, but can i only do it once. anyway, let's see what's going on. any time you can get a daffy what's going on. anytime you can get a dafy duck in. storms from tennessee to west virginia into ohio. possibility of isolated tornadoes and rainmaking its way up from florida into the northeast. rainfall amounts about one to two inches of rain out west. we are talking high fire danger. red flag warnings and fire warnings because of hot weather, dry weather. little in the way of humidity.
9:06 am
temperatures will be in the 80s to 100s throughout much of sunday in central california. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. moderate to heavy rain drifting through the metro area now coming from the south. it's along a front, an area of low pressure that's dripting through throughout the rest of the day. yellow and orange is where it's raining hardest in fauquier, fairfax, loudoun, howard county and northern baltimore. as the day progresses, afternoon thunder and lightning along with the passing showers ending tonight. warm and humid tomorrow. a nice pattern in saturday afternoon. time now for today's "take 3" where the three of us give our take on threet topics that have caught our attention. though usually we have four and our special guest today is elmo. >> yay. you play such really good music >> you like it? >> you're grooving to it. you like to dance, elmo? >> elmo loves to dance. >> oh. >> and you wore the right color
9:07 am
today, too. >> i know. we're twins. we match. >> and elmo you're going to be doing something different on "sesame street." >> called "elmo the music a." ♪ imagine a story ♪ we'll make it up ♪ boom shaka lakha ♪ it's elmo the musical ♪ on with the musical ♪ let's get on with the show >> wo >> boom shaka lackak- >> boom shaka lacka baby. >> doing math with the gets? >> doing s.t.e.avenue. m. >> science, technology, engineering, art and math. >> hey, do you do "gangnam
9:08 am
style." >> what does that mean? >> gangnam sfooil? >> psy. the horse dance. >> the horse dance. >> you got it. >> like that. >> there we go. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. ♪ >> almost as good as david gregory. >> you name, it elmo can do it. >> there we go. >> that was fantastic. >> let's talk about -- did you read the "new york times." >> yeah, "new york times." there's an article that the word really is overused. >> really? >> really. >> really. >> a whole article devoted to, that really? >> really. >> it used to be kind of like that's surprising, but now it's that snarky really? >> really. >> really. >> it has been overused. by the writers and shows to make that kind of funny turn. it has been a little overused. what are some other -- i'm actually thinking of like, you know, like. >> like, and, you know, i'm a
9:09 am
complete offender. >> seriously. >> serious ly. >> really? >> what words are overused? >> elmo loves overusing love. >> oh. >> you can't overuse that word. >> you can't overuse it too much. >> and hug, too. >> oh, so sweet. >> unless you're talking about david gregory. >> makeup on elmo's eyebrows. >> let me get that off. >> wipe it right on the couch. >> a good thing you didn't hug savannah. might get a fake eyelash on there, too. >> if david had been sitting here, you would have hugged his waist. >> so great. >> do we think really is overused? >> really, i think so. >> gotten to the point where, you know, it's not so funny anymore. >> not so much. that's another one overused. >> not so much.
9:10 am
>> not so much, right, elmo? >> okay. >> you have a -- i want to go tock kcom si, com sa. >> very deep thoughts for elmo. >> elmo has fur on already. ready for winter. >> keep your fur on, elmo. just advising, okay. >> okay. >> but apparently they are going to start naming blizzards. >> the weather channel, they are going to start naming storms like they do with hurricanes and these are some of the names, athena, brutus, draco and gandolf, a lot of nerds. >> yogi, zeus. >> hey, boo-boar, got a heck of a storm. >> what's the purpose, just to keep track of them? >> so people feel the same intensity and urgency about winter storms which can cause as
9:11 am
much damage. >> it's a ratings ploy. >> who does the naming? >> a select group at the weather channel that i'm not a part of. >> no storm elmo. >> that would be not great. >> how do you feel about cookies? >> i have a friend that really loves cookies. >> actually there's a contest from first ladies and first lady candidates so ann romney's cookies on the left here. >> yeah. >> and michelle obama's cookies on the right. >> "family circle" presidential bakoff. >> do it every presidential year, and usually historically every cookie that has won, whoever invented the recipe, then went on to be in the white house. >> the one exception was cindy mccain. her butterscotch cookies won. >> elmo, you ready to make some crumbs. >> who won this time? >> we do know. >> michelle obama's white and dark chocolate chip cookies and ann romney's m & m cookies.
9:12 am
>> michelle obama's cookies won 51.5% of the vote. >> that's for you. >> i'm going to vote here. >> want another. >> i have to say -- the white and dark chocolate chip cookie are mint and i'm not a mint chocolate chipper so i do like ann romney. >> elmos, what do you think? >> save one for me. >> so much for the rest of us. >> so much for cookie monster. >> we know howell mow feels. >> elmo, thank you so much. >> want another plate of cookies? >> just as a reminder, as halloween approaches, submit your best photos of your pet in costume at may air some of them on friday when we're having a halloween pet parade. al and natalie, the dogs are coming out. >> dogs are coming out. ♪ who let the dogs out >> a reminder, "elmo the musical" on "sesame street."
9:13 am
>> elmo, high 5. >> high 4. >> and design tips coming up right after this. let's say you want to get ahead in your career. how do you get from here... to here? at university of phoenix we're moving career planning forward so you can start figuring that out sooner. in fact, by thinking about where you want your education to lead, while you're still in school, you might find the best route leads somewhere you weren't even looking. let's get to work. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin.
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9:17 am
right here. our living room. >> from summer casual to glamorous fall. >> first, the rug? >> won't get us through the rest of the year. want a nice big shot of glamour. move the coffee table. very simple and clean and very summery. >> come back a new way around. >> roll this up. i love strikes. really beautiful in graphic. >> nice print underneath. >> find incredible beautiful stripes at crate & barrel and ikea, $150. >> okay. next thing we're going to get rid of the pillows. >> also very summery. >> love the shot of color. what's working right now sem rald green. this is kind of a teal emerald green. >> pretty. >> and an essie switch and in s inexpensive one, too. >> bringing in color over here so these are all the wintry
9:18 am
ideas. >> okay. beautiful emerald green which is the color du jour. >> warms up the space. >> and the lamp shade is an easy way to change out the look. >> i found this $100 lamp. how we reinvent it had completely. do it yourself. spray painted this green. >> wow. >> put some gold on the inside of the shade. >> that's pretty. >> black and white fabric around it and voila, a really, really beautiful lamp. >> okay to pair it with the rug and the stripes. >> play on the different stripes now. >> okay. >> the next thing we do is take the coffee table and give it a great invention. >> need a couple of hand some crew members. >> found in every home. >> thanks, guys. >> what we did here. >> there is our table underneath. >> the mirror is really, really big so the idea of a mereored coffee table. love this pared with a couple of seasonal items. >> before bananas and lemons and now to pears.
9:19 am
>> beautiful pear fragrant candle and -- >> i like how you pick up the emerald and the gold in here, too, right. >> coffee books. >> okay. >> a couple of books and have yourself a great makeover as we go from drab to fab. >> don't forget to use all five senses when you're redoing your room so you really like the idea of incorporating the candles. >> incorporating the candles, fruit, fragrance, candy, and don't forget the wardrobe, things that make you look glamorous in your own living room. >> did it under in four minutes but you did have some help. >> i did have some help. >> thanks for doing that. coming up next, finding the right college for your kids, but first these messages. ♪ ooh, yeah, ooh-ooh, yeah ♪ i love ya ♪ ooh, yeah, ooh-ooh, yeah [ female announcer ] introducing new special k popcorn chips.
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9:23 am
correspondent sat down with mick jagger and keith richards separately asking them questions, and they got shockingly different answers. part of a new video-enhanced e-bookrom nbc publishing called "mick and keith, never stop." elliot, welcome back. >> great to have you here. >> great to be here with you. a day i dreamt never would happen. it's great. >> you spent years basically itting on incredible footage. >> yes. >> and great, great memories from your career interviewing the stones, among many others. tell me about your favorite memories with mick and keith. >> well, just to be with mick and keith is extraordinary, i mean, to have the chance to actually sit with them, and then to have the chance to go back and revisit this archive, be able to use the footage which is available today at your itunes book store right here on this fantastic new ipad, but the chance to sit down with your rock 'n' roll heros and actually talk to them is every fan's dream come true. >> and they had very different
9:24 am
viewpoints, very different things to say. we got a clip here. let's take a look. >> when "satisfaction" was written, did you guys have any hint at all that it would be the powerful song that it turned into? >> we really thought it was silly. >> yeah. >> and did you intend to be an old rock 'n' roller on the stage, 70s, 75s? are we going -- >> i can't even think about it. >> would you like to be a rolling stone in 25 years? >> i'd like to playing. whether i can stand that bunch for all that time, i don't know. >> wow. >> 25 years ago, that's before the book. but we love them. they are like brothers. >> yeah. >> and when they get together, it's not about the gossip, it's about the music fundamentally. >> which is terrific. >> at end of the day. >> thanks so much. >> itunes book store. >> great having you back here. back after your local news coming up right after this.
9:25 am
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good morning, it's 9:26 on this tuesday, october 2nd. we are seeing big delays on the roads and metro today. >> taking the red line, here is the situation. entrance escalators are out. trains are by passing and metro is suggesting to take north. expect delays. roadways dpeeling with an overturned vehicle. two of your right lanes are blocked. the inner loop of the beltway is jammed to the dulles toll road. 7 m
9:27 am
9:28 am
good morning. i'm team 4 meeltologist, tom
9:29 am
kierein. pockets of heavy rain. the areas in the yellow, orange and red passing north to south into maryland and virginia. it's going to be on and off un
9:30 am
♪ that is the one direction mega hit "what makes you beautiful" reinterpreted by the piano guys. five dads from utah racked up 145 million hits online with their pop mashup, and tomorrow they will be here live on "today." i'm excited about this. i love this. fantast fantastic. >> maybe a singer. any volunteers. >> savannah, you've got the voice. >> that's called an instrumental. >> exactly. >> for a reason. >> i'm natalie morales along with savannah guthrie who can sing and al roker.
9:31 am
coming up, getting your kids to have fun with learning. >> award-winning educational toys from science, to reading and math and construction toys, something for every kid to love and more importantly as a parent you're going t love the price tag. and while we talk about education, we want to help you and your high schooler find the perfect fit when it comes to college. we've got some helpful advice on pairing the right school with your child's interests. >> all right. in our diet sos, nutritiist joy bauer will be here to answer questions about your diet and high blood pressure from chocolate and garlic to hibiscus tea. numbers to lower your numbers. >> chocolate, that's good. ever wondered what it's like to travel on air force one. tonight on the travel channel nbc's peter alexander shows you just what it's like to travel like the president, from the plane, to the motorcade, to the waldorf astoria hotel here in new york, where every president since herbert hoover has stayed, all part of a new limited series called travel like, and you can catch travel like a president tonight on the travel channel at
9:32 am
8:00 eastern. >> i've always wondered what that hotel suite looks like and now i guess we'll find out. >> how you roll like potus. >> it would be nice. >> not too slouchy. how about a check of the weather. >> first of all, for today, we've got a risk of some strong strong storms in the ohio river valley toward ohio. wed weather. western two-thirds of the country, windy, but sunshine throughout the plains. it's going to be hot throughout the southwest again tomorrow into texas. a little on the chilly side with snow in western montana. snow up and down the eastern sea board. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. as we look at storm team 4 radar, there are pockets of moderate to heavy rain advancing south to north across northern virginia into the western suburbs and maryland. the areas where it's raining hardest now. it's tapering off. passing lighter showers later
9:33 am
this afternoon might get thunder and lightning from some of those late in the afternoon and early evening. feeling like summer tomorrow. then less humid on thursday and and that's your latest weather. >> al. thank you. coming up next, toys that teach your kids to love right after this. [ man ] launch sequence initiated. [ male announcer ] at kfc we have one mission: [ beep ] 15 seconds and counting. serve the world's best-tasting chicken. t-minus 10... that's why our whole chicken is delivered fresh. 9...8... and prepared fresh by real cooks 7... t-5. all systems go. 4... with kfc's world famous secret recipes. preparation complete... 3... 2...1... taste for yourself why fresh is better. mission accomplished. try our new freshly hand-breaded premium breast meat original recipe bites today.
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♪ [ maine accent ] 50% more clams. it's a lobster, either way. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. with a 50% annual cash bonus, it's the card for people who like more cash. [ italian accent ] 50% more dough! what's in your wallet? red raspberries, and blackberries from the northwest a rich and delicious array of flavors. found here in smucker's orchard's finest preserves. the best fruit from the best places. this morning on "parenting today," toys that teach. for kids having a hard time with science and following
9:36 am
directions, we've got educational award-winners they can learn from. "today" contributor stephanie oppenheim is from good morning. >> good to see you, al. >> kids can be learning and having fun at the same time. >> absolutely. year of the 2012 list of the toy portfolio, and today we're focusing on educational toys, and the idea is they have to be fun, otherwise no one is going to play with them. >> leap pad 2. >> the kids gave the highest marks, graphics very discertain. two bit built-in cameras, a video camera. the parents have no long her to share their own ipad. can you choose from their library of apps so you can customize it to match your child's academic needs, and as they go change to apps that are on it. really designed for kids. >> deejay rock dot. >> from smart lab. one of the coolest science kits in a longtime. building the circuitry to make the speakers, and you have two different cases to put your mp-3
9:37 am
player in, and then it's playing some music. it's actually the leapfrog that's making some noise, but it's -- the box from the laws of physics actually make it louder which is really cool. >> cool. >> now another example -- enough music. >> thank you, al. >> another lesson in circuits from laser pegs. love these sets. about $20, making them more accessible. build the models to their specs or open-ended for kids with special needs. >> jigsaw puzzles. >> one of the best uses of apps. some did not fare well but this one really works. ravens burger puzzle. build this 1,000-piece puzzle. this is something you'll want to do together, and look what happens. when he -- when he puts the ipad on the puzzle, different aspects
9:38 am
of the puzzle come to life. >> that's very, very -- >> cool. >> my son down there loves when i say lego "star wars," educational, bring them home. that's true of all construction toys on our list, because kids are learning how to follow directions. working on their fine motor skills. spacial relations. >> this is a submarine, and our kids love it. >> this is the "gangnam style"? >> the gungun sub. >> love the cultural references there. >> really cool pieces. love to work on this. i have to tell you, this is lego friends which are designed for girls. at the toy portfolio over the years, we don't usually like gender-specific building things, but our toy testers won out here. they told us this really rocks because girls build -- 20th anniversary of knex and that one is really fun to build for
9:39 am
intermediate builders. math, need to make it fun. this is a wonderful game. strategy games, turnstile, really make the girls think. willie's wiggly web from peaceable kingdom. working on strategy. cult the bugs down from the web, not cutting down the spider. directionality in it as well. >> got a guy tar. >> a lot of kids are not getting arts and music and this is from a beautiful french company. water colors and wonderful paper supplies, fine motor skills that work and also their creativity. >> great stuff from art, to science, to math. that's great. stephanie oppenheim, that's great. all the information on our website, controlling high blood pressure with diet. that's up next after these messages. ♪ i woke up to a light bulb on
9:40 am
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pillsbury crescents, let the making begin. sending out an sos ♪ >> this morning on joy's diet sos all about lowering your blood pressure today. should you use medication, or will changing your diet do the trick? here to answer your questions is "today" contributor joy bauer, registered dietician and nutritionist. joy, good morning. >> hi, natalie. >> lots of really good questions. let's get right to it. first from namy in montgomery, alabama. joins us live via skype. good morning, naomi. how are you? >> good morning, i'm good. >> what's your question for joy? >> ever since i was a teen i've had borderline blood pressure. i'm now 28, and my numbers are in the upper 130s and upper 80s. my doctor put me on a blood pressure bill. >> okay. i think -- we're losing your audio there, naomi, but i think you were saying you're on a
9:44 am
low-dose medication for this and also revealed in her mail that she's a little bit overweight so she's worried about whether or not, you know, to start taking the medication or if she should worry about losing the weight. >> okay. what i think that you need to know first off, if you start the medication, you can always get off the medication at any point, as long as your doctor feels like your numbers are normalized and everything is going smooth so don't be afraid of that in terms of starting the medication, we know if you lose just ten pounds, you can dramatically drive down your blood pressure numbers. so what i would tell you to do is if your doctor is recommending this low-bows medication, start it, and then let him or her know that your game plan ultimately is to start eating smart, exercising, try to lose ten pounds and get yourself off of that medication, and if you start doing all those things today, i am betting you probably can be medicine-free in the near future. >> thank you. >> good luck. >> thanks, naomi. sorry we lost your audio there.
9:45 am
okay. next question comes from sue. she's on the phone with us in new york. good morning, sue. what's your question for joy? >> good morning. hi, joy. i recently lost 29 pound, and i'm just wondering how i can lower my blood pressure naturally through diet. >> great start. >> you already did one of the most effective things to do to drive down the numbers. >> thank you. >> of course, you want to pull back on sodium and salt in your diet and get out there and exercise as much as you can. there's also some natural things that you can add into your diet that can help you tremendously. the first is you want to eat as many potassium-rich foods as possible. we know that sodium drives up the blood pressure, but potassium drives down your blood pressure. so those are things like dark green vegetables, spinach and kale and swiss charred, potatoes, just not fried, white or sweet. beans, lentils and even bananas. another thing you want to do is you want to drink two cups of
9:46 am
hibiscus tea because there's compound in this tea that can help normalize and lower your blood pressure, and lastly i would say we featured this research on the healthy bite series just last week and we now know yogurt can help normalize blood pressure numbers so if you like yogurt, non-fat or low-fat, with breakfast or afternoon snack, it will really help you and hopefully you like dark chocolate, too, because that works. >> okay, great. >> hibiscus tea, i did not know that. >> pretty cool. >> we have tania fortt orange, florida. hi, good morning. >> hi, good morning, joy. >> i've always heard that garlic will help lower your blood pressure is this true or false? >> it's true. >> impressive. >> there are so many bioactive compounds in garlic that could help to drive down those numbers, so if you want, it sort of use it as a medicinal thing. try to incorporate one clove or a quarter teaspoon of garlic
9:47 am
powder into each and every day. do it raw and cooked because some of those compounds are heat sensitive so just mix it up a little bit, and if you go for the supplements, just talk with your doctor first because they have blood-thing effects, and you want to make sure they are safe for you. >> oh, all right. thanks very much. >> we love garlic and also buy a pack of breath mints to go along with the garlic. >> last question. i was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. i like salads but would like to find a salad dressing that is low in salt and fat but still tasty. >> there are three good brands to know about. the first is called wild thymes. >> really good. >> cindy's kitchen and also anne's, and check all the different flavors that you have, because some are as low as zero milligrams of sodium. not in the regular supermarket, order them online or go to a health foods store or make your
9:48 am
own. take a mason jar and do two parts of vinegar to one part oil, because that's going to drive down the callry, and then add in any no-salt seasoning or take the easy way out and use the mrs. dash seasoning blend, shake it up and there you go. >> joy bauer, great, craig segment. >> thank you. >> coming up next, your kid and college, finding the right fit, but first this is "today" on nbc. e.
9:49 am
the middle class, who move our country forward. work hard. raise families. and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class. raising taxes on the average family by up to $2000 dollars. while giving a tax break of $250,000 dollars to multi-millionaires. doesn't mitt romney understand, we can't rebuild tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
9:50 am
this morning on "today's classroom," finding a college that suits your kids' specific interests. here with advice is cat cohen, a college counsellor. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> got a great list, really varied. how did you pick the colleges on this list. >> first of all, so many great schools that can fit each of the categories. i chose schools based on diversity, affordability,
9:51 am
selectivity and geography. >> let's get started. first of all, kids who are work-minded. great schools on this list. >> right. >> when you say work-minded, what do you mean? >> schools are great-for-work -- minded kids, for example, northeastern. 90% of those students participate in their co-op program, and what this is when students alternate semester between academic study and full-time employment, so for most kids this is actually a five-year school. by the time they graduate they could have up to 18 months of professional work experience, and three co-op jobs, and in a tough job market, that -- >> that gives you an edge. >> absolutely. >> down to florida, university of florida. they have one of the best career resource centers, and they not only help current students but also alumni with the right tools and advice to help them get their dream job. >> once you've moved on they are still helping you. >> exactly. >> helping with everything in terms of mapping out your whole career. helping you choose a major to helping you negotiate a salary. >> r.i.pi, rensselaer polytech
9:52 am
neck. >> great for engineers, major companies boeing and apple recruit and ranked number 20 in return on investment. some of the graduates have some of the highest entry level salaries at just over $60,000. >> student who loves the outdoors. got some choices there. >> absolutely. for example, university of colorado, boulder. if you love skiing and snowboarding, this is the school for you. >> can you major in that? >> can't major in it, although they have the largest skiing and snowboarding club in the world, and it's within a two-hour drive of eight amazing ski resorts. >> another great location, the university of california at santa barbara. >> yes. ucsb, fabulous for sand and surf. located on 1,055 acres of the california coast, and it's just above the cliffs on black's
9:53 am
beach which is known to be one of the most challenging and popular surf spots. plus, it's a great school for students who want to study the outdoors. with the pacific ocean and the school's land and water reserves, they act almost like an outdoor laboratory for students who want to study aquatic biology. >> that's pretty cool. finally, indiana university in bloomington. >> for students interested in the outdoors, can actually take skills courses for college credit, so i love this. take wilderness survival or ice climbing for college credit. cuisine up for a bunch of adventure trips, and "sports illustrated" on campus voted bloomington one of the top ten college towns for sports. it's also they have a 2,000-acre campus which is perfect for biking, and they host the little 500 every year, the nation's biggest college bike race. >> love this next category. schools for students who want to live the good life. i think most parents would say that's -- you're already doing that. >> exactly. >> well, gw, george washington university is one of those schools. about 75% of the students live
9:54 am
on campus, in the foggy bottom or mt. vernon neighborhoods, and many of the dorms have balconies that show those breathtaking views of the dc skyline and two dorms to highlight here. one for students interested in green living that has motion-centered lighting and toto, low volume toilets, very fancy, and another one is a converted hotel with marble bathrooms, designer kitchens and also an outdoor pool. not too shabby. >> nice. kansas city university. >> ksu, 668-acre campus offers many unique amenities, including a golf course. they have beach volleyball courts, a dairy bar, multiple gardens, and there's lots of different ways to live here between residential halls, apartment buildings, townhouses. many of which have billiards rooms and viewing rooms, and also the ras on this campus always get high marks. >> davidson university, what's the highlight there? >> moms, listen up.
9:55 am
worried about sending kids off to college and wearing the same clothes won't be doing that at davidson. have full-service laundry for free and alterations and dry cleaning for a very minimal charge. >> so your kids don't know how to do the laundry. come out of college. >> definitely perks. >> schools fit for foodies. >> bowdoin college, a tiny school but always ranks at the top of the college food list. you can enjoy intimate restaurant-style dining, everything from sushi, to mussels, to a salad bar that has fruits and vegetables from their own campus garden. >> wow. >> oregon state. >> oregon state, they listen to their kids there. student wrote a column bemoaning the lack of chicken on campus and the head of dining put buffalo chicken wraps on every single menu. >> and rounding it out, johnson-and-wales. >> if you want to study the culinary field. >> kathie lee and
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:57 is your time now on this tuesday, october 2nd, 2012. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> several traffic lights are out. let's get to danella sealock with the traffic. good morning. >> good morning. let's start with the rails. dupont circle, the station is open. hopefully the red line is running smoothly. they say they are back to
9:58 am
normal. 66 eastbound toward the right lane, two lanes are blocked. you are slow. 12 miles an hour from fairfax county parkway to get to the beltway. inner loop is jammed from the interchange to the bull es toll road. tom, what's going on with the weather. >> this rain is snarling the traffic. we have just one more waive of moderate rain. after that, things should settle down and into the afternoon. a few more passing showers and thunder and lightning. after that, we dry out wednesday into friday. >> thank you. coming up, we talk to the star of one
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. you made it to another booze-day, tuesday, everybody, october 2nd. well into this beautiful month of october. did you see the monday last night? >> it was the beautiful fat, orange, gorgeous moon. >> beautiful. and it came at the tail end of our amazing trip to the university of tennessee yesterday. >> can i tell you something. >> oy! >> they turned it out. they camped out the night before. there were people from babies
10:01 am
under one year old to a woman who was in her 70s, do you remember her? >> helen >> helen. we had such a terrific crowd, it was so energizing when we were out there. >> we were in a sea of orange and we loved. >> it was great. >> and kip kicked it. >> kip kicked. >> he was hot. >> that was kathie lee. >> what idiots. >> that was a big -- that was the highlight. >> i'm protesting, go. >> you get a file of kathie lee cds. ♪ ♪
10:02 am
>> something about a truck. >> something about kip. >> he was terrific. thank you all for sending in all your pictures and things. >> yeah. >> we put a lot of them on facebook. >> i have a question about my expressions. i seem to look insane in most photos. and i'm a little concerned. thanks for picking that one. >> is that the only one? >> i hope -- >> that's helen. there's helen. >> she was so sweet. >> lovely lady. >> aw, that was the little baby. remember? >> we were in that van driving to the airport and that lady was standing there with that baby and we said, stop the car, we're getting off. >> so cute. >> i didn't have a chance to say, because it was crazy, that i had gone to my beautiful niece, shannie mader's wedding. it was on this, yeah, there she
10:03 am
is with my sister, mish. i just wish them all the happiness in the world. >> there's the hubby. >> there's mark. >> he's tall. >> he's tall, a soccer player, he's in great shape and they're off cruising some place. so she's not watching, but it makes my sister really happy. >> you know all you do is try to make people happy. and in doing so, you get a lot of people really angry with you. >> because you can't please everybody. >> but it was a beautiful wedding. >> this thursday i went to see motown -- >> our friend doug morris is producing a musical on the life of barry gordie. >> it was a blast. in the middle of smoky robinson. >> who's that on the left? >> just someone else. >> anyway -- >> he's so cute. >> if you happen to be strolling through times square, and i hope are you on your way to the ticket sales, if you look up you will notice there is a big -- >> scandalous billboard.
10:04 am
>> it is the, on broadway, between 46th and 47th. right in front of the tkts booth, where you can buy tickets. here's our little challenge for you. when you see that, if you're in new york on broadway between 46th and 47th. take a picture in front of it, be creative, be crazy. we're going to try to put them on the air and maybe we'll do something for the wackiest 6 all. >> absolutely we will. it's getting an awful lot of -- >> i'm sick of it. >> hoda is taking umbrage. >> swrt schwarzenegger has a new book out. it's upsetting a lot of people for a lot of reasons. >> first of all, you can't turn on tv without seeing him. he's on "60 minutes," on all the entertainment shows, on and on and talking about the subject and i think the thing that struck me so much was in the interviews he keeps saying, i was stupid. i was stupid. i was stupid.
10:05 am
i think, not to be judge judy. i think there's stupid, okay. and then there is an issue of morality and character. that's different from stupid. stupid is -- you spill a glass of wine, which i do, often. that's stupid. but when you do something like that, that's not, that's not about stupidity. that's something that you, that's something within you in your character and i think it just seems so painful to watch him continue to talk about it. over and over. >> in fairness, it's his life memoir. so it's all about everything, from coming from austria and becoming the body builder in the movies and everything. but obviously because it's been such a short amount of time with the scandal with the housekeeper and having the child out of wedlock. nobody wants to talk about his bodybuilding years or anything else. all anybody is interested in is what's happened to him and maria. >> i wonder had his book been that popular had the last chapter not even happened. >> if you look at the book sales, i was wondering if people
10:06 am
are going to buy it. they had video of people in new york at a book, when they were lining up to buy his books. and if you look at the line, in the line, most of the people that you see there are -- men. there aren't women obviously buying this book. i think most women look at it and go, oh my god -- >> glad it's you and not me, arnold, like it's a boy's club or something. what upsets me the most about it. the man has a right to write a book. he has the right to do anything he wants to do. but why put your family through all of this? yet one more time? >> yes. >> it's tough enough the first time. really painful to pick a scab and get it bleeding again. and just seems insensitive at best to me. and here's the thing -- if you find out someone's having an affair, cheating on you, whatever reason, betraying you, the first time you get, you get a counselor, you go to your pastor, you go to your rabbi. the first time if you want to forgive, that's what you do. the second time, i think you get a lawyer, because now we're
10:07 am
talking chronic patterns, innate behavior. and so -- who knows if they get back together again, whether, i mean -- >> if you're weak in an area like that. >> he said when he printed the book, he claimed maria hadn't read it, yet, she supported him, which didn't make any sense to me. >> they're divorcing now, right? that's the latest. we wish that family all the best, we really do. not a fun thing to go through. if you're watching "the voice" last night, it's the last date of blind auditions, everyone had to stack their teams up. there were three outstanding performances according to our producers. kayla, kaitlyn and -- >> they ended up with adam. >> let's take a look. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:08 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> that guy didn't realize cee-lo had turned around, he thought he got nobody. >> they have 16 each now? >> yeah, now the battleground starts to have celebrity judges mentors. >> mary j. blige, michael bublé and billy ray cyrus. >> is he out of rehab? >> he's supposed to come out for "the voice." >> welcome to modern life. >> couples don't write love letters to one another any more, they tweet their love. they put it out there on facebook and twitter. how much they love their
10:09 am
husband, their spouses. and -- >> why is the big question. why? >> i don't know. i guess they want everyone to peek into their relationship and think it's great, maybe? >> why. >> i don't know. >> doesn't anybody value privacy at all? the last thing i want anybody to know is what's going on personally in my life. you know? the people that i trust and love? they know. but you don't know who's out there reading your business. and it's potentially -- [ phone ringing ] >> i don't know what that is. >> is that a reminder? >> can we say one quick thing. >> it reminded me we need to do that. >> you know what, remember "downton abbey"? here's what i do, that i love more than anything. they give each other notes. the romance is so subtle and you're watching it happen.
10:10 am
>> it's exciting. >> and you know the first kiss is going to b great because there's so much that builds up to the first kiss. >> hello! >> that's awesome. >> i love that. >> it's called romance and it's gone from our world any more. >> it's gone. >> it's like hi, thank you very much. bye, you know. >> what comes in between? >> boinking. i hear. everyone has a story -- a phone. ♪ everyone has a moment >> listen to that, one of the great voices of all time. >> elizabeth stewart from mulberry, indiana, an unbelievable story, hoda. she and her husband battled infertility for six years before she finally became pregnant with twins, a little boy and a little girl. 20 weeks into the pregnancy there were complications and she delivered the baby boy stillborn the next day, tragic. the baby girl followed shortly after, but died in elizabeth's
10:11 am
arms. she and her husband found the strength somehow to keep trying and finally gave birth to a little girl named lilja. they decided to try for one more child and they found out they were expecting quadruplets, they now have five beautiful children and give thanks every day. she's on the line now. hi. >> hi. >> what are the ages of the children? >> they are almost 17 months, the quads are and lilja just turned four. >> wow, you've got to pack all those kids up and get here, we want to see you on thursday, elizabeth. >> yes, i'm excited. >> we can't wait. >> have a wonderful trip. kiss those babies for us, will you? >> thank you, i will. >> sometimes the older child feels left out. kill lilja, too. >> i will. >> you know who will be singing for us on thursday? allison luff. when we were doing auditions for
10:12 am
"scandalous." i thought who could understudy karolee carmella. this young girl came along and knocked our socks off. she's a real star so that will be on thursday, everybody. we have a big show -- >> we do. >> rachel -- >> she's got a darling show. >> we can't wait. >> and but enough, we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] dear sweet tooth, i love you.
10:13 am
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vo: for cold and flu season, honey, don't use your sleeve. there's clorox bleach.
10:15 am
she landed her break-out role playing the stylish summer roberts on "the o.c." now rachel billsen is back on the small screen on her cw series. >> she plays a fast-talking doctor and in this season her love is divided between two beefy, sexy guys, take a look. >> i called out my wedding fee. that's what they call a grand romantic gesture. >> it was just so all of a sudden. >> that's what makes it grand. >> george, you have to admit, it's a little crazy. you just broke up with helen yesterday. >> all i know is that i chose you and i want you and i know you feel the same way. >> maybe not. >> maybe not. >> i don't think hoda had seen it before. this is fun, it's juicy. like chicken-fried steak.
10:16 am
>> now this is an interesting dilemma you find yourself in. choosing between two very sexy guys. set this up for us a little bit. >> my character, you know has always been in love with george. the george character. and then all of a sudden she finds herself in bed with the other character, ray. >> how does that happen? >> well -- i don't know. >> not that i'm making excuses for bad behavior. but she thought george was getting married. >> he was in a relationship for 15 years and then -- cut to, he calls off the wedding for her, for her character. comes to my house, i'm in bed with wayne and -- drama ensues, as it does. >> now how are you fitting in. this is a small, fictitious southern town and you're trying to fit in. you're a fast-talking new yorker. how does that go? >> it goes well. i talk fast, anyway, hopefully i can pull it off. you guys have to tell me. >> it's not so much about being the doctor part. i saw you extract some ear wax.
10:17 am
>> it was like -- some stuff going on here. last year was a little more. but it's definitely more mild when it comes to -- >> did you have to learn any of those medical terms, is that part of the drill? >> yes and i'm still learning, it's so hard to pronounce some of them. everybody applauds me when get it right the first time. >> this olympic gymnast is coming on the show. when she didn't win the gold and she had that weird smirk. >> that face. >> i hear you're not so shabby at getting it yourself. >> did you have the face down? >> it was like just different forms of it. i saw it, there you go. >> i like that. that's good. >> i guess i did it and she told me i had done it and i was like, i didn't even know. >> it's called acting. >> what was it like having her on the set? >> she's so sweet, it was the
10:18 am
first thing she did she kind of wants to be an actress and she did a good job. >> she didn't play herself, it's not a cameo? >> no, she plays a character. she tells me off. it's like burn. hello. all right. >> so you're, you're the young one. now the other people want your job. what's that like? >> well, i guess i am, too. >> it's a really cute show. it's adorable. it airs tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central on the cw. coming up next, sarah is back to her home town for a cheesy experience. right after this. a speed bump! [ wife ] a beached whale! lawn clippings! a mattress. a sausage link. mermaid. honey!? driftwood. come on, you gotta help us out here a little. [ male announcer ] febrezeliminates odors and leaves carpets fresh. ♪
10:19 am
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10:21 am
we're back with sara in the city and she's back in her own city. >> she traveled back to her hometown of newton, iowa for the blue plate special. >> i say that the maytag bleu cheese best represents where i came from. after decades of eating this stuff, i finally got to see how it's made. my hometown of newton, iowa, is known for the iowa speedway, the
10:22 am
birthplace of the maytag appliance company and the unrelated maytag dairy farm. since 1941, the farm has hand-crafted wheels of this world-renowned blue cheese. >> all the blue cheese you're ever going to see in the store or buy anywhere came right out of this vat room. >> maytag blue starts off as milk in these vats, courtesy of iowa's cows, employees keep tabs on the chemistry and since science isn't my strong suit, myrna gives me a more physical task. >> i'm going to have you follow wes's lead here and he's going to show you what we're looking at as we're trying to make sure we've got everything, nothing is settling on the bottom of the vat. >> is that what broke it up into this? >> that's what makes it firmer. >> can i touch it? >> when you cut it and it's really, really mushy. >> oh, my gosh. my arm hurts. i swear this job is the best arm workout.
10:23 am
>> hooping involves scooping curds into cheesecloth, and rolling it all together. it's fast, furious and heavy. >> put it over the top and put your hand here. >> we pack the curds into wheels and add more salt. >> it's like playing in sand. it's preservative, a flavoring and a way to bring the moisture level down in the cheese. >> am i doing it right? >> we're in one of the caves where the blue cheese ages and it takes about six months. >> you can kind of see the blue starting on the outside. what's starting to grow on the outside is also starting to grow on the inside. >> is that mold? >> it is a type of mold. >> this is a rocquefort, a type of food grade mold that is a positive thing, not a negative thing. >> finally it's time to wrap up.
10:24 am
>> this is cheese origami. >> you're probably the only man who gets assigned to wrap at christmas because you're really good with it. >> he is good. >> brenda is going to teach you. >> the cheese wrappers are the last line of quality control making sure the blue cheese looks delectable and the wrapping is pretty. >> we need to keep all the cheese covered. >> that's the goal of wrapping, right? we're not going to want to sell this one. >> so maybe my wrapping looks a little shoddy. when it comes to something as delicate as blue cheese, something going bad almost always ends up tasting so good. now of course it wouldn't be the happy hour of the "today show" without some wine to go with the cheese. so folks at the maytag dairy farm recommend a full body red to balance out the lactose of the cheese. >> it's nice to see a company like that existing and still thriving. >> i can't believe they do everything by hand. >> i didn't realize that every single thing in a world where everything is done on machines, that that was done by hand from
10:25 am
start to finish. >> delicious. >> the cheese you get from me for christmas will be the one i made on there. >> really? >> coming up, julie scardina is causing a flap. here with her birds of prey. ♪ wow... [ female announcer ] sometimes, all you need is the smooth, creamy taste of werther's original caramel to remind you that you're someone very special. ♪ now discover new caramel apple filled werther's original.
10:26 am
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10:30 am
i smell like blue cheese, but i'm telling you, that was the most delicious blue cheese i've ever had in my life. we're back with more of "today" on this booze-day tuesday, tomorrow for today's buzz. >> from new baby news to honey boo-boo's latest. new host tapped for this year's academy awards. as always, rod schaeffer from the "huffington post" has all the scoop. >> i'm going to smell like blue cheese for a week. >> let's talk babies, drew barrymore out of the gate. >> she had a little girl last week and she's called the baby olive. interesting, i thought. drew was in a movie called
10:31 am
"olive, the other reindeer." >> you don't hear the name often any more. >> it's a beautiful, old-fashioned sort of name. maybe she'll bring it back. >> olivia is a big, big name, but olive -- >> she is keeping a very famous barrymore name, she must. >> let's talk about nick and vanessa. >> tweet that they've had their little boy, camden john, a lovely, lovely name. this wasn't the first choice of the name. >> what was? tell us! >> colin wasth choice. >> before she had the baby, i sat down with her, she said they had a deal if it was a boy he would name the baby. if it was a girl, she would name the baby. however, it was a boy and she picked the name. so they both agreed on it. so it's not colin. >> she did all the work, it's only fair. >> that's a beautiful, beautiful baby. >> they didn't sell it to a magazine. they took the picture and they tweeted it out for all their fans to see. >> there's a scandal happening
10:32 am
with a country singer called jason aldean, he was seen smooching -- >> he was at a restaurant in hollywood on the hollywood strip and he was photographed kissing an "american idol" contestant. she didn't get terribly far in the competition. her name is britney. the picture went all over the internet. britney had some very harsh things said about her on twitter. she's deleted her twitter account and said she had no idea this man was married. he left the barbie himself. he did not leave with her. >> did he go home to his wife and explain? >> the wife obviously knows about it now. he has issued a statement. >> he and arnold schwarzenegger should go out for drinks, commiserate a little. >> all right. the oscars has a new host. >> i love this. >> look how excited you are. >> devon mcfarland. >> it's an unusual choice. >> he owned the season on "snl," he was brilliant. i was told this was somewhat of
10:33 am
an audition, was told he if did an amazing job, he would get the gig. and he did a comedy central roast. i went to one of those roasts, they're so cheeky and naughty. >> they're filthy. >> but he's hysterically funny and he's really smart. >> we can expect a naughtier version of the academy awards. >> i don't think a lot of people know much about him. i think they're going to learn about him when he's up there. i hope he keeps it classy. >> he's so talented. >> if he sings, it will be a home run. they do all of those dance numbers and stuff on "family guy." my kids wanted to watch "family guy" when they were growing up. i would come in and go -- wait. and i would start screaming, i'm sorry, he's really talented guy. >> we've got to talk about honey
10:34 am
boo-boo's payday. >> she was getting between $4,000 and $7,000 an episode. now it's up to $15,000 to $20,000 an episode. >> reality stars earn a lot more than that. quite a bargain. >> i don't want them to -- >> we won't change her. >> here's the mother. >> it's a little stale. they need to move to beverly hills and be the new version of the beverly hillbillies. >> i want to see her shop on rodeo drive. become bff with kim kardashian, it just makes sense. >> you know what? you're right. >> it's genius. all for free. we're going to wing it with animal expert, julie scardina. and her birds of prey. and also, stacy london has a brand-new book out. it's about style. coming up. [ male announcer ] with over 50 delicious choices
10:35 am
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so, i was right, right? i've gotta run. more dishwasher brands in north america recommend cascade. too bad the guys aren't here we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin ♪ ♪ we're back with today's call of the wild. and distinctly different birds of prey from all around the world. >> here to explain why these birds are so important to the environment is sea world and bush gardens ambassador and friend, julie scardina. we want to talk about this whale it's gotten a lot of press. the whale's name is nakai and there was a huge gash taken out of the chunk of the chin and the
10:39 am
question was peta was asking, was this a whale fight? how did the injury happen? >> he injured it against the side of the pool or one of the areas where he goes through the channels and things like that. so we, i was just there, i saw him he's actually doing really, really well. >> it's hard to look at that. >> definitely not a sightly injury there, but it's amazing how well he is doing. he's responding to the other whales and the trainers and everything just like normal. >> will that regenerate, will it grow back? >> we're figuring that after it grows back in, just like a normal wound, it gran laulates. >> but he's in chlorine. >> it heals up really good and i'm thinking, that's good for the whale. >> no. >> salt also heals, too. >> how about the birds, we've
10:40 am
got a barn owl. >> this is like the best rat trap in the world. it means you don't need to use pesticides, put poisons out. >> what does he like? >> he's a rodent eater right here. the best rodent eater, one little animal like this can eve 12 rodent as night. >> gross? >> you don't want those 12 rodents running around your house, do you? >> it's great to have owls around. these guys are found all over the world. >> he's beautiful. >> can you touch him. >> he doesn't mind that at all. our relationships with our animals at sea world and bush gardens are so strong and we raise all of them with so much attention and positive reinforcement that they all respond very well. >> should we bring in the hawk? >> why wouldn't we? >> in order to bring in the hawk i'm going to let you guys actually put on the left hand for each of you. we have two harris hawks. the difference between harris
10:41 am
hawks. hold your arm across your body like that and now we're going to fly in the two harris hawks. >> you've got one. >> and the other one is going up to the ceiling. >> kathie lee, hold your arm out. >> i'm holding it out. >> not far enough. >> he said i want to be with the stupid one. >> okay, we'll leave you up there for now. he'll come down in a minute. >> i don't know if i want to keep my glove on. he's protecting his food. these are social birds of prey. one of the few social birds of prey. >> what, they go clubbing? >> they hunt together because they get more success when they hunt together. we're going to try to get this guy down. >> let go, let go of it. >> let go. >> i let go. >> he said i'm taking it all. >> are we at the end?
10:42 am
>> is there another bird? is there an eagle? >> or maybe it's a canary. >> we don't have all day. >> what is going on. >> we can't bring the eagle in until the other one is here. >> we're going to leave him out. why don't you hang on to him. you stay right there so you're nice and close. these guys are used to being -- they are ambassador animals. they're from bush garden, they're used to being in environments where there's a lot of hectic things going on when they go to school. other birds and animals coming out. this one, you guys can put your arms down. i don't think he's coming to you. >> we have to wrap. what are we going to do? >> this is a beautiful bird of prey. >> and now the eagle is upset because he didn't get any face time. >> this is a beautiful fish eagle from africa. >> please, give me the eagle. >> please, we have to go.
10:43 am
thank you. >> a beautiful eagle. >> is it over? >> okay. this is good. >> we have a brand new book. "from the inside out." it's going to be good. we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good!
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[ marcy ] it's like memory foam. [ female announcer ] the only pad made from a revolutionary material. [ erina ] it totally fits to your body. [ female announcer ] it's incredible protection, you'll barely feel it. always infinity. tell us what you think. new chocolatey delight pastry crisps from special k. two delicious crisps. for 100 calories. so you'll never have to break up with your sweet tooth again. what will you gain when you lose?
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10:47 am
today's style is brought to you by yoplait, learn how to take your luck from good to so good, with tips from today's style experts. >> all right. she has ambushed hundreds of fashion-challenged men and women on the popular tlc show, "what not to wear." now stacy is sharing how she transformed the lives of nine real women. in her new book, "the truth about style" she helps women start over and accept their body image to find their own perfect
10:48 am
style. look at you. class s congratulations on thw book. >> you both look lovely. there's the memo about you know, sleeveless. >> we didn't get the memo, sometimes things happen. >> this book under a lot of fashion and style books out there, what do you think makes yours unique, stacy? >> there's a couple of things, it's probably four books in one. >> a little psychiatrist. >> a little style guru. >> it is about body acceptance and self-acceptance, it's about me, my personal struggle. my relationship with style and how i've kind of come to the place where i love to help people find their style. >> you know one of the things that was really important to me was that i didn't write the book just about me. i tell a little bit of my story. but i went out and looked for other women to tell their story. >> you don't call them makeovers, you call them startovers, which i kind of like. it's beginning again, a second chance kind of thing. >> a whole new mindset.
10:49 am
>> one of the biggest tenets of the book is we talk about seeing is believing. it's a little more complicated than that. it's that seeing changes feeling, which can change thinking, which can change believing. >> and that's why style is such a great tool when you need to get outside yourself. when you've told yourself whatever story it is, i can't wear prints, i'm too old to wear skirts, whatever it is. if you can see a visceral change, you can become that change. and you can also create all sorts of positive control in your life. >> it's a weird thing, but when you're an actress and you're struggling with a role and you put on the costumes, it's unbelievable how you start to become that person. >> you're wearing her. >> i think that really can work in our real lives in a very positive way. >> let's talk about tanya garcia. you highlighted several women and think every woman at home will be able to connect with one of these. tanya is a mother of two, you gave her a start over.
10:50 am
tell us what you think she needed. >> tanya was my image of the working mom. i love the black and white shot of her. i feel like she looks like a saint when she's sitting there. >> a modern mona lisa. >> this whole chapter talks about whether or not women can have it all. because frankly, i don't think you can. >> not all at the same time. and not without a village supporting you. >> and know, i think it's very easy for women to lose sight of themselves when they are being perfect wives, perfect mothers, working, being ceos, entertaining, going to the gym. >> there's a lot going on. >> let's see -- tell us how you fixed miss tanya up. i really wanted to give tanya the opportunity to get back into her groove. she had already started doing zumba classes which he she met me. she had been working it and it's about creating the person you want to be to be a great role model for her daughter. >> how much weight have you lost? >> i'm lost 30.
10:51 am
>> zumba works, doesn't it? >> it absolutely works and it's fun. >> she was wearing clothes three sizes too big. she needed to find her body again and dress in a way that made her proud. not only of her accomplishments. >> not hiding. >> but also to show her daughter. >> you're beautiful, staysy, the book is great. we wish you good luck with it. >> thank you so much, ladies. >> two celebrities battle it out, we hope they don't clam up. first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
in today's kitchen, what'sx cooking, it's a chaowder battle in honor of this week's all-star weekend in vegas. hosting the event is top chef judge and famed chef huber kelly
10:55 am
of las vegas. >> we're going to have a cookoff. we're going to make two separate chowders? >> that's right. we're doing a big event on saturday night together, a surfside soiree. we decided it's a perfect time for some delicious chowder. >> you're each going to get 60 seconds. and then we're going to come to you and sara is going to judge at the end. >> rachel, let's see what you got. >> it's for end of season tomatoes. >> juicy tomatoes. i've roasted these and grill in the oven so they're nice and juicy. and take them and puree them for a few minutes, chop them coarsely in the food processor and come back to them later and then i have clams. >> and i've steamed them. >> these are big cherrystone clams. and they're going to. >> broth in there, too.
10:56 am
actually you take this and we're going to strain the whole thing. just hold the bowl. >> the strainer. >> now you take them out. that's a big clam. >> three-second rule. >> we have the broth. >> these are beautiful. you're going to chop them up really coarsely. >> you've got time. >> then onions in here. cooked onions, i'm going do add some potatoes, add some chicken stock. the clam broth. the clam broth. and then some of those herbs. >> a little bit of seasoning. and then simmer it. >> don't put those in yet. >> see sabotaging me. >> and this is it? >> i'm adding the tomatoes, clams, letting it simmer together and then i garnish.
10:57 am
>> huber, go. >> so here i have some little clams, i just put them in clam juice. kathie lee, if you want to take the spider. >> get out of here. >> over here i have some onions that i cook very slowly. the whole idea was not to brown the onions. >> keep them nice and gooey. >> and then we have that, i will take the juice and we put the juice over. >> the juice. nest pas. >> merci beaucoup. >> you cook it for 30 seconds. >> and put the cream inside. >> a little bouquet garni. >> and then -- >> we're going to taste. >> we don't want you to -- >> all right. >> and then -- this is the
10:58 am
moment, huber. >> i'm exhausted. >> and the winner is -- >> it's this one. >> i'm going to vote, i'm going with rachel. >> i'm going to vote, i'm going with rachel. e. the middle class, who move our country forward. work hard. raise families. and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class. raising taxes on the average family by up to $2000 dollars. while giving a tax break of $250,000 dollars to multi-millionaires.
10:59 am
doesn't mitt romney understand, we can't rebuild tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.


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